September 18, 2012

Quick Thoughts: GO ON, "There's No "Ryan" In Team"

While Go On still has some minor flaws, its third outing had me laughing in spite of some of those problems, and after watching "There's No "Ryan" In Team" I can see it becoming one of my top new shows of the season.

It's becoming clear that Go On has a rhythm going which consists of the workplace stuff working better than the group therapy moments. Pretty much everything that involved Ryan, Steven and Carrie had me rolling, and the three of them have a nice chemistry that's made what should be the least interesting parts of the show the highlights.

On the flipside, most of the group scenes didn't quite land for me. First off, having Ryan be ashamed to be seen with the group was such a bush league move that I was actually insulted that the show went there. It was just so easy and lazy that I expected more from Go On. Also, some of the quirkiness is drifting into the insufferable zone, but thankfully everything ended on a positive note with everyone making up and the group showing up at a time when Ryan needed them most.

After the episode, it looks like Go On's going to do its best to blend the workplace with the group therapy sessions while underlining it all with Ryan's homelife and if it can pull it off, then this could be a special show. Ideally, some of the outrageousness will be toned down without losing any of the charm, but I have faith that it can be done.


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