September 12, 2012

Quick Thoughts: SONS OF ANARCHY, "Sovereign"

Even though the Season 5 premiere of Sons of Anarchy was an hour and a half long, I don't have too much to say about it.

As always, the performances took center stage with Tigg really stealing the show, but other than that I enjoyed the first episode but wasn't floored by it. For the most part, it did a good enough job re-establishing itself and reminding us about where the characters are at, but its competency didn't wow me and neither did some of its OMG moments, but I wasn't bored by them either.

I guess the only thing of substance that I have to write about "Sovereign" is the show's need to be overly complex and plotty. For example, I don't remember half of the new characters that were introduced last season or their relevance this year because all of the Irish/CIA/cartel/Niners drama's too twisty and convoluted to keep up with. Too much plot's mucky stuff up and making me less interested in the characters and the world of SAMCRO and Charming.

That said, I don't get too invested in SoA because its still just an entertaining show to watch and I don't let myself get too bogged down by the details. Sure, I'd like the story to be a little tighter and easier to understand, but all of the leather and cursing's enough to keep me around for now.


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