September 19, 2012

Quick Thoughts: WHITE COLLAR, "Vested Interest"

I really, really wanted to like White Collar's mid-season finale, but ultimately I thought that "Vested Interest" was meh.

Honestly, I think that I'm over the mistrust between Peter and Neal, and since that was the dynamic that drove the episode (and most of the season) I wasn't fully engaged throughout the episode. It even turned what should've been an interesting arc, Neal looking for his father, into something lackluster. To be fair, the storyline was also saddled with extremely anti-climactic "twists" that really didn't feel earned. Even the case-of-the-week felt a little watered down and not epic enough to be a "finale."

That said, I'm still on board and will be back when the show returns in January, but it does have some damage control to do in order to keep me around.


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