October 24, 2012

Quick Thoughts: BEN AND KATE, "Emergency Kit"

While I confidently say that I'm still a fan of Ben and Kate, I have to admit that I was not all that wild about this week's episode because it didn't strike the right balance of heart and comedy like I expected it to.

Now, "Emergency Kit" did have the warmer side covered because even though the set-up of Ben putting together a complicated emergency drill to rattle his sister was pretty broad, those final moments when the adults looked for a frightened Maddie and Kate being able to talk her down worked. The A-plot was by no means ground-breaking sitcom writing, but it hit the right marks when it needed to.

On the flipside, I did not enjoy BJ's story because it was odd for the sake of odd and was another reminder that the character's better in smaller doses. Also, I'm not the biggest Rob Corddry fan, so I was immediately taken out of any scenes that he was in. At least, it was a strong outing for Tommy as Ben and Kate's go-between. Something else that didn't quite work was Ben's ex. While Lindsay Sloane was charming in her own psychotic way, she just stuck out and didn't really play that much of a role, and I never quite understood why she was the catalyst for the entire episode.

In spite of a somewhat weaker episode, I still got a few laughs from "Emergency Kit" and I'm still enjoying the show. It's just a shame that it's looking like Ben and Kate's going to be another one-and-done though.


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