October 10, 2012

Quick Thoughts: GO ON, "Big League Chew"

I don't know how I felt about "Big League Chew" after I watched it. On one hand, Go On continued to mix up the group dynamics in an interesting way, but on the other it lacked the parts that I truly enjoy about this show.

Let's take the good. Even though I wasn't 100% won over by Ryan's grief eating plotline, I did find it refreshing that we got to see him interact with the group without Lauren driving the action. I believed that this group of misfits truly cared about Ryan and wanted to help because they've all been there before and not because Lauren told them to. Plus, we got the great payoff of the saddest, most awesome potluck ever. I'll also give the show credit for trying to establish Lauren't identity outside of the sessions despite the fact that her not being in love with her boyfriend's something we've seen way too many times. Heck, I even liked the smaller moments between Ryan and Danny when they were transported to an old-timey version of Stars Hollow.

The thing is, we got only the smallest glimpse of Carrie (who I think was absent all of the last episode) and there was zero Steven this time around. Like I've said before, I'm more invested in Ryan's work environment than his grief-stricken one, so the lack of these two left a big gaping hole in my opinion. Now, I get that this show's not really about Ryan's worklife, and it needs to make the group the center of attention, but the balance feels all off and I find myself longing for a more successful ratio (that's slightly more shewed towards the station.)

In the end, those are just a few quibbles that I found in a largely serviceable episode. "Big League Chew" didn't floor me, but it made me laugh more often than not, so I guess I liked it in the end.


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