October 10, 2012

Quick Thoughts: NEW GIRL, "Neighbors"

Even though there was a lot to like about "Neighbors," I have to say that it was far from my favorite episode of New Girl.

First off, I didn't buy Schmidt's need to impress the douchey, hipster neighbors just to prove that he's still young. Yes, he can be a very superficial person, but for some reason his antics didn't land this time around. Also, while I like watching Jess in her more vulnerable state, her need to be liked by the kids also felt a tad false.

Everything else did work for me though. Nick's obsessive need to prank Schmidt was brilliant, as was Winston's inability to help out. I even liked how the writers used his lack of pranking skills as a way to convince him to find something he's passionate about. Maybe this will lead to him being an actual character sometime down the road.

"Neighbors" was by no means a bad episode. It just wasn't up to this show's usual high level, and it was the first misstep of Season 2.


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