October 2, 2012

Quick Thoughts: GO ON, "Do You Believe in Ghosts... Yes!"

I think I'm going to have to watch this episode again to truly appreciate it because I was very underwhelmed by it after one viewing.

I guess the reason why I didn't love "Do You Believe in Ghosts" was because I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about it. Having Ryan see the ghost of his dead wife felt very out of place in this kind of comedy. Now, that's not to say that ghosts cannot be a source of humor because they can, but Go On never felt like a show that had any supernatural inklings whatsoever, so seeing Janie just show up was a little jarring. I'm sure that's what the writers were going for since that's how Ryan reacted, but it all felt like it was from a completely different show. Thankfully, Matthew Perry and Christine Woods had chemistry so I let it slide and quickly bought into it, which was good since it sounds like she'll be back.

At first, I didn't quite warm up to the idea of watching the group without Ryan in the mix because they're still the weakest part of the show in my opinion, but my mind changed when I realized that I was becoming tired of him always hijacking the meetings. So, it was nice seeing these people be defined by how they relate to one another instead of how they help Ryan heal. Plus, we got the obligatory warm and fuzzy moment when they showed up to help Lauren get over her test anxiety, and so far I'm a sucker for those.

Ultimately, I'll give Go On a pass because it's still trying out new things but I don't want it to become something that's steeped in afterlife mythology. It just needs to focus on fleshing out these new relationships rather than holding on to old ones. Either way, I'll be sticking with it through it's FULL SEASON!


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