October 27, 2012

Quick Thoughts: GRIMM, "La Llorona"

It's not a secret that Grimm's been in a slump over the last couple of episodes, but it rebounded nicely with "La Llorona."

I'll say it again; Grimm works best when it focuses on domestic issues and gives them a dark, fairy tale spin to them. This time around, child abductions took center stage, and adding the Mexican folktale about a woman's ghost who takes and drowns kids really worked in this universe. It was genuinely creepy from start to finish.

The standalone feel of the episode also worked in Grimm's benefit because it didn't have to slavishly stick to mythology, but we still got little nuggets here and there like Juliette's bond with Renard and hints at what happened in Austria. A show like this needs to figure out the balance between episodic and serialized storytelling, and "Llorona" was a good example of mixing both styles.

My only real gripe with this one had to do with Monroe being stranded yet again in a minor sub-plot that really didn't go anywhere. That said, him dealing with punk kids had its moments, but I want him brought back into the main fold sooner than later.

Every show's entitled to have a few off outings, and Grimm's no different, but I'm hoping that "La Llorona" was a sign of a return to form for one of the more underrated shows on television.


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