October 20, 2012

Quick Thoughts: GRIMM, "The Other Side"

It looks like Grimm has hit a rough patch since we got a third lackluster episode in a row. While I'm not worried that these past few duds will have that much of a negative impact on the show's future, it's not encouraging to say the least.

I suppose my biggest issue with "The Other Side" was the botching of the Jekyll and Hyde premise of the case of the week. This is the kind of set up that a show like Grimm should hit out of the park, and while I did think that making a high school teenager the focus was somewhat interesting, the rest of it just kind of sat there. It lacked any real creativity and the twist was so telegraphed that it was clunky and unimaginative. On a somewhat positive note, I thought that David Giuntoli was slightly better than normal, so there's that.

By far the most interesting aspect of the episode was Renard's new obsession with Juliette thanks to the Prince Charming potion that he used to wake her up. When this new detail was introduced last week, I had some reservations, but Sasha Roiz and Bitsie Tulloch made it work, and I didn't find myself disliking it at all. Speaking of Renard, I could have done without his brother meeting up with Adalind because that was one plot thread too many, but at least he got to interact with Monroe.

Again, I'm not freaking out because Grimm has had a string of misfires because that happens to television shows, and we have the La Llorona inspired Halloween episode to look forward to so it does have the chance to bounce back.


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