October 17, 2012

Quick Thoughts: SONS OF ANARCHY, "Small World"

All I can really say about "Small World" is I didn't like it at all.

Everything that involved Gemma was so over the top that my eyes got tired from rolling so much, and the reveal that Clay's been behind the home invasions was also laughably bad. In both instances it was shock for shock's sake, and they smacked of trying too hard. Also, Otto's demand of Tara was not only disgusting but more of the same extravagant non-sense.

I suppose the only part of the episode I liked was Jax killing the corrections officer, which believe me was just as odd to write as you'd think. The violence itself wasn't what spoke to me, nor did the creepiness of him using a snow globe as it played music, but at least it acknowledged Opie's death. If not for that it would've been just as gratuitous as the aforementioned moments.

I can usually give Kurt Sutter and Sons a lot of leeway, but this was a major swing and a miss. Pun sorta intended.


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