October 5, 2012

Quick Thoughts: GRIMM, "Over My Dead Body"

After a somewhat disappointing return last week, Grimm made a big comeback with a Monroe-heavy episode that continued to build the world and mythology without letting the pesky police work get in the way.

Seriously, any episode that brings back Angelina and put Monroe's life in danger as he sacrifices himself for the greater good is going to be aces in my book. While it could be argued that Jaime Ray Newman was hamming it up an awful lot, Angelina was one of the first compelling supporting characters and her return was welcomed even if it did end tragically. Those scenes between her, Monroe and Rosalee were worth the price of admission alone, but she really took things to the next level when she pretended to be Nick's partner.

Speaking of partners, who didn't get a kick out of Hank and Eddie feeling each other out as the former tried to wrap his head around the Wesen world. Grimm became light years better when it decided to expand Nick's inner circle which was bound to have some ramifications as was seen in this episode. Next up, Juliette who didn't make me want to claw my eyes out this time around, and I can't believe that I'm actually starting to like her amnesia arc. It's made her more interesting at the very least.

The only drawback of "Over My Dead Body" was it had too much mythology. I get why the blond royal was introduced and how it gave Renard's scheme a little more shading, but she was merely a catalyst to kick off the main storyline and didn't add much after that. Yes, some interesting questions were raised but we got very little new information, and it started to feel like the royals sub-plot was spinning its wheels. Don't get me wrong, I still want to see where this is all going, but it needs to get there a tiny bit faster.

"Over My Dead Body" was ultimately Grimm at its best and further proof that the show should just shed its police procedural trappings and and go full Angel by season's end. Just a thought.


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