October 3, 2012

Quick Thoughts: NEW GIRL, "Fluffer"

Some New Girl fans are calling "Fluffer" the best episode to date, and while I cannot go that far I do have to admit that I enjoyed most of it.

Admittedly, I get a kick out of Nick and Jess bickering at one another and the added joke of him being her emotional "fluffer" took the bit to a whole other level. For now, I like watching these two people who clearly have chemistry and feelings for one another but are unwilling to act of them. It all feels grounded in the crazy world where this show takes place, and it's one of the few will they/won't theys that I'm somewhat invested in. That said, I don't think the writers need to get gun-shy and put them together anytime soon because rushing it will inevitably backfire.

Elsewhere, Schmidt's Romney scam started off on a highnote as he tried to pretend to be the Republican nominee's son to pick up a girl, and I appreciated how Winston somehow got roped into being his Secret Service agent much to Cece's disappointment, but it definitely had diminishing returns. Sure, watching him scrabble as he got caught in his lie was worth a few chuckles, but his game ran out of steam too quickly, and I wasn't a huge fan of Cece underlining his very clear daddy issues. Trust your audience, New Girl.

Speaking of Winston, he still doesn't have much to do and his fight with his girlfriend was just more wheelspinning, but I do like him as the sage-like observer who watches the crazy people around him and slaps them around (literally this time) when needed. This role will never transition him into a full-fledged character without some serious help from the writers, but at least Lamorne Morris isn't being completely wasted.

So, "Fluffer" was far from the best episode ever, but there were enough things going on to keep me laughing and entertained. That'll do, New Girl. That'll do.


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