November 12, 2012

Episode Review: THE WALKING DEAD, "Say the Word"

After last week's emotionally draining episode, The Walking Dead eased up on the gas just a bit with "Say the Word," but that didn't make it any less entertaining... for the most part.

While Woodbury was prepping for a celebration, the Governor was taking some quiet time as he brushed his daughter's hair... who happened to be a biter. After tearing off a bit of her scalp, the Governor had to calm her down by placing a bag over her head. Unfortunately for him, Michonne witness what went down as she stood on the street. This most recent peculiar act only strengthened her distrust of Woodbury and its leader, so she broke into his office to grab her sword but was interrupted. She was able to flee without getting caught, but she stumbled upon a pen of zombies. Instead of minding her own business, she let them free so she could sharpen up on her katana-wielding skills by cutting them down. Of course, she got caught and the Gov confronted her about her bad behavior before she pulled her sword on him and walked out.

The Governor talked to Andrea about her friend and what she did, which deepened the difference of opinions between the two women. They debated yet again about whether Woodbury's the right place for them, and Michonne warned that the place was not what it seemed. It looked like Andrea had come around as they made their way to the gate, and it started to dawn on her that Michonne may have been right when they were met with resistance from Merle. He eventually opened up the doors for them, and Andrea took that as a sign of good faith while a determined Michonne left Woodbury once and for all. Andrea's trust in the Governor was short-lived though as she learned that the captive zombies were used in a crazy gladiator sport that pitted two citizens against one another inside a circle of biters. When questioned, the Governor admitted that it was all for fun and that no one was in real danger, but Andrea wasn't sure she should believed him since the spectacle created a false sense of security.

Much like last week, "Say the Word" lost a considerable amount of momentum when it was in Woodbury. We still don't know enough about Michonne to really support her actions, and we only root for her is because we know that the Governor's not quite right. It'd be better if we knew why she was so distrustful rather than watching her piece suspicious clues together like she has been doing. This lack of prior knowledge also hurt her eventual departure and betrayal of Andrea because we still don't understand why they've been together for so long, and her leaving didn't have the emotional punch that it should have because we don't have a reason to care about their relationship at this point. That said, the idea of civilization nurturing un-civilized before was an interesting one.

Back at the prison, Rick full-out lost it after he realized that Lori was dead and he went on a walker killing spree deep in the depths of hell. As he went all choppy-chop on the zombies, Daryl and Maggie went out to find the newborn some formula. Meanwhile, Glenn tried to get Rick out of the prison but almost got an axe to the head for his troubles. Thankfully, Daryl and Maggie's mission was a success and he even fed the baby as her father came across a walker who presumably ate the remains of her mother. A distraught Rick shot the zombie and repeatedly stabbed its protruded belly. When it was all said and done, a phone in the boiler room ominously started to ring until it was answered by Rick.

Once again, the prison picked up Woodbury's slack as we got to see Rick completely snap, and while his trail of destruction did very little to push the narrative forward, it was another character defining moment for him. I could've done without the phone call though because that was so out of left field that it was distracting. Let's just hope the payoff's worth it. Rick was not the only one to get some solid character beats this week. Both Glenn and Daryl had some great moments, but the latter really shined as he stepped up for the understandably preoccupied Rick, and he not only saved the baby but he also kept the episode clicking.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • Why did Woodbury's party creep me out more than anything else this week?
  • Man, Norman Reedus was phenomenal and this really should be his Emmy submission episode.
  • Not only did he get some great scenes, but he got to rock that kick-ass poncho.
  • Michonne just slaughtering the biters was kind of disrespectful.
  • I'm starting to like Axel and Oscar.
  • It's a shame that we learned more about T-Dog during a 30-second conversation between Glenn and Hershel than we did during the previous 23 episodes.
  • Daryl pausing as he read the name "Sofie" on the daycare's wall was just one of his standout moments.
  • I know that there's some speculation out there on the Internet, but Lori's dead. Right? And what about Carol? Do we know for sure that she's dead? I sure do hope so because keeping her alive would ruin that shot of Daryl placing the Cherokee rose on her grave.
  • I half expected Crixus or Gannicus to show up during the zombie death match.
  • Even I have to admit that I swooned a little bit when Daryl fed Li'l Asskicker.
So far, this season of The Walking Dead has proven that staying in one place can be interesting as long as the show gives its characters something to do. The prison has been the prime example of how stasis can work well, but it's too bad that Woodbury's contradicting it as it reminds us of what didn't work last season; too much talking and not enough action. No amount of zombie fight club can replace the genuine tension that can be found at the other locale, and I cannot wait until the Governor invades, assuming that's the direction we're going in (I haven't read the books, so I'm just guessing at this point).


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