November 28, 2012

Quick Thoughts: BEN AND KATE, "Guitar Face"

In the past, I've given Ben and Kate a pass for being a capable, old-fashioned sit-com, but "Guitar Face" felt a little too familiar.

Kate picking at the littlest flaws in the men that she's dating as a way to protect herself is one of the oldest tricks in the books, but I guess it's good that the show got this story out of the way early on because it's something that could've lingered for some time. And Dakota Johnson continued to win me over with her truly adorkable performance. Zooey should take notes on how to be awkwardly cute instead of a quirky mess.

The rest of the episode was just as by-the-book. Tommy and Ben's friendship was tested but all was fine in the end. BJ was jealous of Will since her best friend no longer has time for her. Been there, done that. The boys had a few solid moments, and I'm always a fan of letting Faxon and Kellum do their thing, but it was far from groundbreaking. BJ was by far the worst part of the episode because I can only take her self-centered routine for so long. It blows my mind how experts point to her as the best thing about this show when I barely stand her most of the time.

"Guitar Face" was a solid enough episode due to some OK laughs, but it walked the fine line between dependable and cliched. I'm not saying that Ben and Kate needs to be edgy or twee to work, a solid family comedy's much appreciated, but it cannot get too comfortable either.


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