November 21, 2012

Quick Thoughts: GO ON, "Dinner Takes All"

For the most part, "Dinner Takes All" was a little more traditional in terms using Thanksgiving as a theme since in revolved around Ryan's new extended family but even that was brushed aside for the unconventional.

Since Lauren Graham was guest starring, it was obvious that she was going to play a major role in the episode, and her being the object of Steven's affections as well as the one who may or may not have gotten away from Ryan was charming enough but not what I was expecting or really wanting for that matter. Love triangles are worn out but so are bro codes (which I'm usually a fan of), and I was a little let down by the main plot because it just accepted these contrivances and it felt a little underdeveloped. That said, I'm also in favor of more Ryan and Steven time, but I didn't need Lorelai getting in the way no matter how hot she looked in a Lakers (boo!) t-shirt.

Honestly, I kind of wanted the Thanksgiving dinner to play more of a role since it could have really helped develop not only Ryan but those around him. Sure, we got some good Owen moments which were vital much like they were last week, and I couldn't help but smile as he bonded with Yolanda (in spite of the boring Asian stereotype). And Lauren holding her own with his mother was a nice touch, but something felt off since Ryan was off on a completely separate adventure. Also, I was pissed that the show once again short changed me on Carrie, and I couldn't help but feel bad for her since she was essentially used as indentured labor.

"Dinner Takes All" wasn't a bad episode of Go On by any stretch of the imagination because it was able to build off the foundation that the show's laid, but wanted a few more warm and fuzzy moments that involved Ryan and the group and a smidge less rom-com antics.


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