November 21, 2012

Quick Thoughts: BEN AND KATE, "Reunion"

Much like "Candy Wars," Thanksgiving was the catalyst for the episode rather than the subject, and while I was thankful for the change-up, I have to say that "Reunion" mostly worked with the exception of a few minor mishaps.

The main plot, Kate goes to a makeshift high school reunion before the holidays to confront an old bully of hers, was by far the highlight because it allowed Dakota Johnson to do what she does best. Kate was insecure, socially inept and adorable all at the same time which will always be a good look on her. Plus, we got more from Geoff Stults as Will and some progression for their relationship. Maybe now people will stop complaining about the fact that Kate was single for no good reason (aside from the fact that it's clear that Maddie's her only priority at this time). Also, I'm happy when Greek alums pop up on other shows; this time it was Amber Stevens who thankfully was given more to do than what she was when she guested on HIMYM.

The mishap that I alluded to was the extremely exhausted B-plot about how Ben and BJ were married so she could get a green card. We've seen this set-up a million times before, but I do have to give the show some credit for subverting the cliche by having her be a dual citizen and only married Ben to keep him in California to support Kate, but it was still unnecessarily lazy. I'm just glad Tommy's C-plot about him wanting to be a trend-setter felt fresher, and it was made better by the fact that we got the underutilized pairing of him and Maddie.

I've been shouting praise for Ben and Kate since day one, and I don't see that stopping anytime soon, but I'll freely admit that it's started to stall in some areas. It's still one of the funnier shows on the air, but I do want it to be more ambitious rather than banking on familiar gags.


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