November 27, 2012

Quick Thoughts, THE VOICE, "Top 8 Performances"

I felt like writing something, so I figured I'd keep sharing my thoughts on The Voice as it reaches the finish line. Like last time, I'm going to rank the top 8 performances from least to most favorite, and then I'll update my top five.

8. Terry McDermott (Team Blake): "Over" by Blake Shelton
Since Terry was one of my early favorites, it pains me to rank him so low but he's struggled over the last couple of weeks due to poor song choices. I get that he wants to flex his vocal muscles, but he's not as strong when he strays too far away from his rock roots. He's still a talent, and I like his voice, but he's been making too many mistakes at this stage of the game.

7. Cody Belew (Team Cee Lo): "Somebody to Love" by Queen
I've gotten a kick out of Cody since his Blind Audition, but I've also known that he's somewhat limited. Don't get me wrong, he's wildly entertaining and deserves to be here but I don't think he has the legs to win this competition, and it was even clearer after "Somebody to Love." It was an ambitious choice, but he could not match the original because he lacked the grandness that the song requires. He just wasn't big enough which was odd since he's Cody.

6. Melanie Martinez (Team Adam): "Too Close" by Alex Clare
I love Melanie's style and how she interprets songs, and all of her Voice performances would make a kick-ass EP, but she's starting to come off as one note. As much as I'm a sucker for her acoustic, singer/songwriter sound, all of her covers sound the same and the only reason they stick out is because they're so different than the originals. Again, that's not a bad thing but she needs to try something else in order to keep going forward.

5. Amanda Brown (Team Blake): "Someone Like You" by Adele
Much like Adam, I'm wary whenever anyone tries to sing an Adele song because her voice is so unique and powerful that most cannot compare. That said, Amanda's performance was solid and I did like the rock edge she brought to it. She's still not one of my favorites, but I like her a lot more when she drops the belter act and does something different.

4. Dez Duron (Team Christina): "U Smile" by Justin Bieber
Trust me, I'm just as shocked that I have Dez ranked so high since I refuse to believe that he has a legitimate shot at winning this thing, but I have to give him credit for finding what works for him. I wrote him off because of his boyband image and pop sensibilities, but I was impressed the moment he went all jazzy crooner on us. I don't know "U Smile" since it's a Bieber song, but I actually enjoyed his take on it. I still hesitant to fully support him, but I won't hate it if he makes the finals especially if he rides this swing wave.

3. Trevin Hunte (Team Cee Lo): "The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston
Honestly, Trevin should be ranked lower because this was my least favorite of his performances but he's at number three because of the goodwill he's accumulated with me. He could sing the worst song in the world, but I'd be on board as long as he brings his A game which was why he's where he is on my list. I'm not a fan of Whitney or this particular song, and I was bored throughout but he's still one of the top contenders and rightfully so.

2. Cassadee Pope (Team Blake): "Are You Happy Now?" by Michelle Branch
Much like Trevin, Cassadee should be ranked lower but her performance from last week was good enough to carry over into this week. From the start, I felt that Cassadee had an accessibility issue (she came off as standoffish), so I was a little worried that she picked such a negative song and was afraid that her likability would regress. She did fine performance wise, and the song fit with her pop rocker aesthetic, but this might have been too edgy which is ironic since it's a Michelle Branch song.

1. Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo): "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye
Nicholas put us in a time machine and transported us back to the 70's with this performance and I loved every second of it. It could be argued that he sticks too closely to his comfort zone like Melanie, but he does it so well that I cannot help but be mesmerized when he's on stage. Plus, his hair is the best thing about The Voice. As much as I'm impressed by Trevin, Nicholas needs to win because he's so unconventional that a victory would say a lot; he doesn't look like a reality singing show champion which is exactly why he should win.

My Top Five
5. Dez Duron (Team Christina) - LW: NR
4. Melanie Martinez (Team Adam) - LW: No. 3
3. Cassadee Pope (Team Blake) - LW: No. 4
2. Trevin Hunte (Team Cee Lo) - LW: No. 2
1. Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo) - LW: No. 1

So another uniformed and totally biased take on The Voice is in the books. As we get ready for this week's elimination, I'm preparing for Terry to go home along with Cody (but Amanda wouldn't surprise me). But what do I know?


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