December 4, 2012

Episode Review: HAPPY ENDINGS, "P&P Romance Factory"

After a week off, Happy Endings was back with a pretty standard yet highly funny episode in "P&P Romance Factory."

Penny was forced to wear a helmet for a month due to fact that she's a bit of a klutz and constantly hits her head on things. While out buying some protective headwear, she bumped into a cute guy named Pete who asked her out. Initially, she was hesitant because of her situation but decided to go for it anyway. Unfortunately, her self-consciousness led her to come up with crazy dates that required a helmet of some sort. It eventually got to Pete, and he was about to call things off which forced Penny to finally come clean. Instead of running, he seemed totally fine with it and even crowned his new queen with a crown (i.e. a pink bike helmet).

Meanwhile, Jane was frustrated at work because she couldn't get into the Car Czar's boys club so Brad took it upon himself to help his boo out. They had all of her co-workers over, and the plan was for him to get her an in via guy talk but it failed miserably. What ended up happening was Brad clicked with all of the wives and Jane saw her window of opportunity: she decided to join in on the verbal spousal abuse. Of course, she took things too far and upset Brad, so he got back at her by going full trophy wife on her and made a scene at the car dealership. She realized that she was betrayed her partner and refused to keep playing the Czar's games.

Lastly, the rest of the gang encountered a douchey guy named Brody who somehow offended Max by turning a fist-bump into a hand turkey (it's Happy Endings, what do you expect). As it turned out, Max was sensitive to handshake mishaps because he felt victim to the classic "one low, too slow" gag. When he opened up about his feelings, it was Dave's turn to overreact because he was convinced that he created "too slow" and was determined to make things right. Dave, a self-appointed handshake expert, took Max under his wing to show him how to get back at Brody. When that didn't work, Alex defended their honor by attacking the d-bag.

While we got some pretty good stuff from Casey Wilson, the Penny storyline was by far the weakest of the bunch because it was silly even by Happy Endings' standards. Her coming up with outlandish excuses, evading Pete's advances and all of the lies were just too much for my liking and the whole unlucky in love routine's getting a little stale. Thankfully, the rest of the ensemble picked up the slack. Sure, Dave and Max's obsession with fist-bumps and high fives was just as wacky but it worked much better. As did Jane and Brad's plot because the commotion he caused at Jane's place of work was brilliant. It's a shame that Damon Wayans Jr. doesn't get enough recognition or love for this role.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • The gang talking slowly to mess with Penny was classic a Happy Endings joke. Mildly offensive, incredibly mean-spirited but very funny.
  • A vuvuzela joke? What is this, 2010?
  • A BCS vs. playoffs joke? When was this episode written?
  • I could watch Elisha Cuthbert ramming her head into a wall all day.
  • Sangria mouth.
  • "Little girls be sharing."
  • "You had to take her to a soccer game? It will never catch on here."
  • "We need a legitimate playoff system!"
  • "Ah, quaint? Isn't that the space between a gal's goal and her penalty box?"
  • "His humor makes me uncomfortable."
  • Penny: "This helmet just wasn't protecting my head. It was protecting my heart."
    Alex: "Is that a quote from Iron Man 2?"
"P&P Romance Factory" may not have been the best Happy Endings outing, but that doesn't really matter because it still packed in enough jokes to keep me laughing, so I really can't complain.


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