December 12, 2012

Quick Thoughts: NEW GIRL, "Santa"

My feelings about Season 2 of New Girl have been pretty mixed but I think I liked "Santa" more than previous episodes.

For one, Jess was still wacky and frazzled but she didn't come off as a complete wreck in spite of her running into windows and hiding from the guy from Bent. Speaking of David Walton, I don't quite buy him as a legitimate love interest for Jess so I ultimately didn't care if she took him back or not, but I don't mind his presence as long as the show figures out a better way to use him. More on that later. As for love interests that do make sense, I'm still liking Olivia Munn's character and she's meshed well with the gang so far. It's just a shame that she'll be out the door like all of Nick's other stops on the road towards Jess. While we're on the topic of inevitable pairings, another reason why I enjoyed this episode was that sweet scene between Jess and Nick at the radio station where he decided to be honest with his stripper girlfriend. And Schmidt giving Nick a lap dance will never not be funny.

Unfortunately, Schmidt's foray into exotic dancing was one of his few highlights because he's still stuck in Cece mode. Admittedly, they were cute at the beginning but I've lost any interest in them as a couple to the point where the time they use on them feels wasted. It's a shame too because I don't know if the writers can put Schmidt into a storyline that will get back on his side at this point since they either revolve around Cece or him being a complete d-bag, and those are the two versions of the character I care the least about. But the most dissapointing part of this episode had to do with the fact that it had both Olivia Munn and David Walton and zero allusion to Perfect Couples. Epic fail, New Girl.

Even though I haven't been loving New Girl as much as I did last season, it's still a top-notch comedy that I enjoy watching and just because it's slipped in my Tuesday night rotation doesn't mean I'm giving up on it. It just needs to double down on Nick and get rid of the Schmidt and Cece non-sense. Problem solved.


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