December 18, 2012

Quick Thoughts: THE VOICE, "Live Final Performances"

Honestly, The Voice took an interesting turn as it neared the finish line because the last three standing pulled out odd song choices as final pleas for America's vote. While for the most part the performances were fine, it felt like the artists were trying to show range over their strengths which could end up backfiring. For the record, I'm only taking into account the new songs that were sung instead of all three performances because the breakout songs and duets came off as novelty acts rather than vote worthy.

3. Terry McDermott (Team Blake): "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister
I've said all along that I've been a fan of Terry's since day one, but I've been counting him out over the last couple of weeks because he hasn't risen to meet the talents of Cassadee, Nicholas, Trevin and even Amanda. But I've been wrong every single time I thought he had a less than stellar performance. I don't know if anyone can honestly say that "Broken Wings" was his best outing, but he did fine with what he had. The thing is, this was a prime example of a weird song choice. It wasn't rock enough to be in his wheelhouse or power ballad-y enough to show his softer side. It was just kind of there.

2. Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo): "Great Balls of Fire/Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis/Jimi Hendrix
I'll give Nicholas credit for doing something totally new (I don't know if we've heard a medley this season yet) and it was a fun performance overall, but I immediately wondered if this was the right time for him to pull out something that was almost pure rock. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for these competitors to pull out all of the stops and show how diverse they can be but that's what all of the prior weeks were for. Sure, it's a cowardly move to stick with what got you there but it's also safer. High energy and boldness aside, this was not one of my favorite Nicholas performances but kudos still.

1. Cassadee Pope (Team Blake): "Cry" by Faith Hill
I'm more of a Cassadee fan when she sings country, so I couldn't complain too much about the song choice, but I was somewhat shocked that she didn't go with something more in line with her pop rock roots. We know Cassadee can sing country by now, and a strong female influenced rock song could have reminded us of where she came from, but she and Blake may have gone to the well one too many times. Granted, "Cry" was a strong effort, and maybe it was enough to show her range and make her more appealing to a group of voters outside of her base, but I was definitely scratching my head after this one.

My Top Three
3. Terry McDermott (Team Blake) - LW: No. 4
2. Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo) - LW: No. 1
1. Cassadee Pope (Team Blake) - LW: No. 2

I've been wrong every week since I started these silly write-ups, so I won't be surprised if Terry ends up in second place (especially if iTunes has anything to say about it), but Nicholas was stronger last night. Plain and simple. Regardless, I'll be happy with whomever wins because they're all deserving, and their coronation will only solidify my belief that The Voice is better than American Idol because it didn't crown a white guy with a guitar three times in a row.


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