December 9, 2012

TV Report Card: Week of December 2, 2012

I was so behind on my television watching that I didn't have time to put together a full fledged TV Report Card this time around (and for a second there I wasn't sure if I was going to post one at all). I know, I'm the worst.

The Walking Dead: "Made to Suffer"
For a mid-season finale, "Made to Suffer" didn't have the pop of last year's but it was still an improvement over most of what we got in Season 2. I thought the assault on Woodbury was decent enough, and I really liked Carl's role this time around, but I could've done without Michonne and the Governor brawling. GRADE: B

Homeland: "Two Hats"
Boy did Homeland cause an uncalled for ruckus? I for one didn't hate "Two Hats," but what do I know. Sure it was silly but I don't tend to watch the show so closely that I get distracted by the implausibilities. Was it great? No. Heck, it wasn't even all that good but Homeland didn't deserve the backlash either. GRADE: C+

How I Met Your Mother: "Lobster Crawl"
To some extent I can overlook the stalling and how unfunny this show has become because it has far worse sins, namely ruining Robin as a character. She's no longer the independent, strong woman that Ted stole a blue French horn for. Nope, now she's a stereotypical "want what you can't have" crazy person. What a shame. GRADE: D

Castle: "Secret Santa"
I guess having a dead Santa was kind of entertaining, but this one didn't quite click for some reason. I guess it had to do with Rick's over-enthusiasm for Christmas and Kate's Scrooge-ness that didn't sit well with me. It could be argued that they were in character but it felt lazy. GRADE: C+

Ben and Kate: "The Trip"
I thought that the reason for Kate and Will's fight (and possible break-up) was weak because we've seen it all before, but I did like that we got a BJ/Tommy story that had little to nothing to do with what the Foxes were up to. GRADE: B-

Hart of Dixie: "Sparks Fly"
After an unintentional absence due to my oversight, Hart of Dixie's back on the Report Card with an OK episode. The farcical nature of the bachelor auction probably wasn't needed, but it did create some funny moments. I just don't know how I feel about Zoe and Wade at this point. GRADE: B-

Happy Endings: "P&P Romance Factory"
Penny's trouble with men has gotten stale, but I liked everything else especially Brad going off the deep end while being a cliched trophy wife.

Go On: "The World Ain't Over 'Til It's Over"
I could watch Ryan and Anne trade barbs all day, but the rest of the episode left a sour taste in my mouth. I didn't buy that Yolanda and Sonia would care enough to sabotage Wyatt's proposal, and I don't think Mr. K's strong enough to head up his own story as this point. GRADE: C+

New Girl: "Bathtub"
Still don't care about Schmidt and Cece, and unfortunately the rare Jess/Winston sub-plot didn't quite gel either. Thankfully, we got more Jake Johnson genius and Olivia Munn as a stripper. GRADE: B-

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23: "Whatever it Takes..."
Usually, I don't complain about little things but watching an episode that was clearly from Season 1 was distracting. Luckily, JVDB was back in DTWS mode (and we found out how he became close to June's mother), but everything else was too out of place to ignore. GRADE: C+

The New Normal: "Baby Proofing"
I liked the fact that Bryan was not in soapbox mode and in my life is about to change mode because it suits him better. As does a less politically incorrect version of Jane. Didn't care for David though because his obsession with safety felt out of character. GRADE: B

Arrow: "Vendetta"
Even though they rushed the Huntress arc, and it was accompanied with some horrible acting on both parts, I have to admit that I liked what they did. As for all of the stuff going on around Oliver and Helena, I could've done with out most of it (i.e. Tommy and Laurel). GRADE: B-

Nashville: "Where He Leads Me"
I'm still digging the new direction that Nashville's heading in. Juliette's more interesting when she's not boffing Deacon (the same's true for him) and I kind of like her QB boyfriend. I wasn't jazzed about the proposal but I'll roll with it since she's up to something. I even liked the continuation of the young'uns love triangle which is rare. Let's just ignore the political stuff, OK? GRADE: B

American Horror Story: Asylum: "Unholy Night"
Ian McShane as a Santa suit wearing serial killer. That is all. GRADE: B+

The Vampire Diaries: "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street"
I'm still over Damon and Elena. I still hate her. And I still love Caroline when she's not tied at the hip with Tyler. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on this one. GRADE: C

Glee: "Swan Song"
I didn't love or hate "Swan Song"... I just didn't really care about it at all. It spent way too much time in New York pretending that it's a magical place where somewhat talented people have their dreams come true with little to no effort while putting the more interesting collapse of New Directions on the back burner. Yawn. GRADE: C+

Elementary: "You Do It To Yourself"
I'm never going to turn down learning more about Sherlock and Watson, so the issues she had with her ex were good enough to establish her character. I just wish this show would incorporate more interesting cases week in and week out. GRADE: C+

Nikita: "Sideswipe"
We all knew that Sonya was the mole, so I'm glad they got it out of the way even if it only introduced another insider. At least Amanda's a more entertaining villain than she was last season, and I liked the introduction of Cyrus. As for Alex's return to drugs and Sean... moving on. GRADE: B

As you can see, no 30 Rock this week because I still haven't watched the latest episode. Again, I'm the worst. Sorry.


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