January 24, 2013

Episode Review: GLEE, "Sadie Hawkins"

After being on hiatus for almost a month-and-a-half, Glee finally returned with "Sadie Hawkins" which wasn't a groundbreaking episode but was still fun enough to keep me happy.

A bitter Tina decided that it would be a good idea for McKinley to throw a Sadie Hawkins dance as a way to prep for prom and to teach boys a lesson, and because she had a crush on Blaine and needed an excuse to ask him out. The catch was Blaine also had a crush... on Sam. Speaking of the Stallions MVP, he was convinced that the Warblers were up to no good, and he and Blaine dug up some proof that they were on steroids. Finn wasn't willing to pursue to lead until Trent showed up to possibly testify against his teammates. Elsewhere, Jake and Puck had their hands full with Marley and Kitty (respectively), Kurt was flirting with the leader of NYADA's show choir, and Rachel showed up to ruin everything.

In terms of major storyarcs, nothing really happened in "Sadie Hawkins" except more of the same old stuff. Someone's secretly in love with the one person they cannot have, but that doesn't stop the feelings from coming and so forth and so on. The thing is, in spite of the lack of any real plot development, I had a blast watching the episode because it was light and fun. I know that extensive serialized storytelling's the hallmark of good television nowadays, but sometimes taking a breath and putting together something that doesn't take itself too seriously can be equally as effective. Just as long as Lea Michele's not involved.

OK, that was an unfair jab, especially since I like Lea as an actress and have resisted to jump on the "We Hate Rachel Berry" bandwagon for four seasons now, but lately episodes come to a screeching halt every time Rachel shows up on screen. I don't care about her and Brody. I don't care that she thinks she's one of the cool kids now. I don't care about her and Brody. I don't care that she's neglecting Kurt (even though he probably deserves it). I don't care about her and Brody. And I really don't care about them living together. So, so stupid. Maybe there's a way for Glee to redeem the character and the whole NYC arc, but for now I'm fine with tuning out every time the action leaves Ohio, which is a shame because I wouldn't be surprised if the Big Apple becomes the show's permanent location starting with Season 5. Whew! That felt good.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • Inappropriate orderlies? Are we finally seeing the start of AHS seeping into Glee? When is Andrew Rannells showing up as a substitute glee club director? For the record, I want that to happen.
  • Zizes!
  • I don't for one second believe that Sugar would have problems finding a date.
  • Ugh, I'm so tried of the "everything comes down to cliques" crutch.
  • Neckbrace Cheerios has silently become my new favorite character.
  • So, Glee became Pitch Perfect, which is kind of appropriate since the latter probably doesn't get made without the former.
  • Can you really blame Blaine for crushing on Sam?
  • Puckerman being the voice of reason and restraint?
  • Noah and Kitty. Eww.
  • I'll say it again, I'm a sucker for the boy band routines.
  • Why does Bruno Mars have to ruin everything?
  • Does this mean Trent will be joining New Directions soon? I hope so.
  • Musical Highlight: "Tell Him"
  • Ryder: "This must be what the girl's feel all the time."
    Brittany: "It is."
  • Sugar: "I want to sit under Venus."
    Sam: "I want to sit under Uranus. What's so funny?"
  • "And glee club is back! Blam!"
  • Finn: "Yeah, he is kind of the sunshine of the group."
    Blaine: "Isn't he?"
"Sadie Hawkins" was one of those rare instances where going back to basics was a smart move because it took us on a somewhat drama-free ride and reminded me how fun watching Glee can be. Will it go down as one of the show's best? No, but why does it have to?


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