January 15, 2013

Quick Thoughts: BEING HUMAN, "It's a Shame About Ray"

I'll admit that I never expected to like the North American version of Being Human as much as I do, and even though I felt that Season 2 was a step down from Season 1, I'm still on board and excited to see what's to come in Season 3.

For the longest time, Aidan's been the weak link which is problematic since he's probably the lead of the show, and last year's debacle involving Suren, Henry, and Mother didn't quite work me. I did think his emergence into a new world where vampires are dying off because of a human flu strain has potential, and hopefully we're done with vampire politics for now, and for the first time ever I can say that I care about his journey.

While Josh and Sally are still leads, they've always taken a backseat to Aidan, and I think that this show would be much better if they did the majority of the heavy lifting because they're people I actually care about. I don't know how far they can keep Josh as a human, but it's a bold move that I hope pays off in the end. Ditto for Sally now that it looks like she's been raised from the dead.

"It's a Shame About Ray" did its job. It was able to tie up some loose ends from Season 2 while getting us ready for Season 3, and it's going to be a vastly different from where we left off last year. Can't wait to see what's in store.


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