February 14, 2013

Episode Review: GLEE, "I Do"

Like a lot of Glee episodes, there was so much to like about "I Do," but those moments were undercut with some odds choices that didn't quite make sense and kept me from loving the entire thing.

It's time for Will and Emma to get married, but things were not going so smoothly especially after Finn decided to kiss Miss Pillsbury. Yet, that kiss may have been a blessing in disguise because Emma was clearly not ready to marry Will and it may have helped realize that fact. So, she ended up leaving him at the alter while Finn and Rachel hooked up, Blaine and Kurt hooked up, Artie and the wheechair girl from The Glee Project hooked up, Jake and Marley almost hooked up, and Quinn and Santana hooked up. Yes, you read that last bit correctly. At the end of it all, Finn tried to cheer up Will while Rachel returned to New York to be lied to by Brody, and freak out about possibly being knocked up.

OK, I'll admit that I was really enjoying this episode up until the last ten to fifteen minutes. I thought that Jake's wooing of Marley with the help of Ryder was cute up until the moment Schuester 3.0 decided to give in to his emotions and kissed his buddy's girl. Even all of the rekindled couples had their charms, and we got a badass moment where Finn told Rachel that they'll always be together no matter where she is or who she's with. The thing is all of that good will was squashed the second the episode hinted at the Quinntana hook-up, which came off as shock for shock's sake while also being terribly clichéd. And don't get me started of Rachel's pregnancy tests because we all know this show sucks at any storyline involving babies. Just when I had hope that Glee had turned itself around...

Other Odds and Ends:
  • The boys Motown routine in red tuxes was an instant classic.
  • Out of all of the Glee Project alums, why was Ali the one to get a guest spot? I would've rather seen Ellie (who should play Ryder's girlfriend), or Aylin, or Cameron, or the Country Fried Blonde, or pretty much anyone else.
  • At least last week's ickiest moment had an awesome payoff. Vapo-rape!
  • Speaking of Miss Tina Cohen-Chang, I really do hope we're done with her crush on Blaine.
  • Sam standing in the middle of the bouquet toss was pretty brilliant.
  • I did get a kick out of that sequence that used one set for three different scenes.
  • Which set of shippers were more upset: Faberry or Brittana?
  • I honestly don't know why Ryan Murphy hates good, unassuming, straight guys. First he ruined Will, then he assassinated Finn's character, and now he's onto Ryder. Why even bother at this point?
  • Even though this episode irked me at times, I am excited to see what happens next. It sucks that we'll have to wait three weeks.
  • Musical Highlight: "You're All I Need to Get By"
  • "Not everything is about you."
I know that this is getting old, but Glee once again squandered an opportunity by taking one extra step too many. Had "I Do" resisted to use one unnecessary twist (i.e. lipstick lesbians), then it would've been one of the better episodes of the season. But of course this show's a victim of its own worst habits, so we'll have to settle for a good one instead.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding tonight was brillant, the return to some broadway, and finn's "she loves me not" moment, unlike other glee episodes, the excellence of the writing was matched with excellant directing, "anything can happen," felt a little like rachel's "dont rain on my parade" but in a growing up kind of way

Marcos said...

I tend to agree with you because I loved Finn's moment, and I agree that it was well directed ("I did get a kick out of that sequence that used one set for three different scenes"). But I was taken out of the episode thanks to Quinn and Santana. Also, I'm tired of all of the good guys doing stupid stuff liking kissing their friend's girlfriends/fiances. If only one of those twists had been left out, I probably would've loved this one. Thanks for commenting!

Trevor Dunn said...

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