March 7, 2013

Episode Review: GLEE, "Girls (and Boys) On Film"

After a few weeks off the air, Glee's back with "Girls (and Boys) On Film." Honestly, I was fully prepared to dislike this one because "movies" as a theme felt lazy even by this show's standards, but at the end of the day it was a pretty typical episode of Glee, which is to say that there were some good things and stuff that just didn't work.

Will woke up after a Fred Astaire inspired dream and decided that movies would be a good way to prepare the glee clubbers for Regionals, so he assigned them to sing songs from movies in the annual girls vs. boys mash-off. While Will was distracting himself with work, Finn took it upon himself to help find Emma so his friend could win her back. He and Artie even tricked Emma's parents into help by posing as members of an anti-ginger bullying club. Schue showed up to where she was at, did his best Lloyd Dobler impression, and it looked like things were going to work out until Finn confessed that he kissed Miss Pillsbury.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Kurt had to put up with Santana now that she's squatting in their apartment and stirring up trouble like messing with their relationships with Brody and Adam respectively. She also confronted Rachel about a pregnancy test she found while going through their stuff, and cue the tear-filled breakdown. Also, Marley was trying to figure out who she liked more: Jake or Ryder.

If you remove the utterly useless theme-of-the-week, there were some things I actually liked about this one. I've been on pins and needles waiting for Finn to finally come clean to Will, and I thought that their final scene worked as Will just walked away in disgust, but we all know this is far from over. Heck, I even liked the love triangle moments involving Marley, even though it's hard to truly feel for a cute girl picking between two good looking guys while Sugar has to settle for Artie. Is it all cliched and contrived? Sure, but I'm genuinely interested to see where things go from here.

But alas, "Girls (and Boys) On Film" was not immune from the season-crippling virus that's New York City. I know I'm beyond broken record territory, but I hated pretty much every scene that transpired in the Big Apple. First and foremost, Santana needs to move back to Kentucky because her presence only dragged down this side of the Glee-verse, and I didn't even know that was possible. Also, I'm already over the Rachel pregnancy stuff and Brody being a drug dealer/gigolo/whatever. So stupid. OK, I'll admit that I found Adam charming, and I'm pulling for him over Blaine at this point. Actually, I think I'm pulling for Adam AND Blaine over either of them ending up with Kurt. Rant over.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • I'm sure "honest Injun" was faithful to something, but I couldn't help but cringe a little.
  • That said, I'm always a sucker for those spinning-axis set numbers.
  • Wow, that was HeMo's booty.
  • Artie and Finn as redheads!
  • The Tom Cruise mash-up was brilliant while the girls pretty much ripped off Moulin Rouge! verbatim.
  • We all know I love the self-aware humor, so Will shining a spotlight on how awkward it would be to talk to Emma with his students standing around was one of the biggest laughs of the night if not the entire season.
  • On that note, did New Directions need to accompany him if he had the boombox? He could've just pressed play.
  • Lea Michele really is a bad crier.
  • Watching Sugar get upset because of the tie was another highlight.
  • "Footloose" was fun, but was it really the right song to go out on?
  • Musical Highlight: "Shout"
  • "We should do The Artist so we don't have to sing."
  • "The kids at this school don't even seem to think about what college they want to go to until about a week before graduation. That's weird. You're supposed to figure that out when you're a junior."
  • "Boys are like lumps of coal. They're dirty and cheap, and they get hot when they're rubbed, and some turn into diamonds. So collect as many as you can."
Maybe it's because I was prepared for the worst, but "Girls (and Boys) On Film" was not a total trainwreck. It wasn't all that great either, but it could've been a lot worst, and in the end I was happy that it was just a middling version of what this show's been for sometime now.


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