February 6, 2013

Quick Thoughts: NEW GIRL, "Table 34"

After the monumental kiss, New Girl had a big challenge on its hands because the aftermath could be tricky to pull off. For the most part, I thought that "Table 34" was a solid follow-up but not without its flaws.

I'm just going to say it. I still think the show rushed the evolution of Jess and Nick's relationship. I'm not advocating that Meriwether and Co. need to keep them a part for a maddening amount of time (the whole wait until the end trick's long over), but I could've waited until the end of the season or until early Season 3. And who's to say they will ever end up in a relationship when it's all said and done, but I liked where they were at before the kiss. I know it's odd, but I get a kick out of watching them bicker and fight, and I still think that kind of dynamic could lead to a fun romance, but I don't want things to unravel too quickly. Thankfully, we got some of that this time around, and I'm glad that it looks like Nick's stupidity didn't ruin their bond, but I was irked by Sam's unceremonious departure because it didn't feel in character or organic. Heck, he was even egging them on to kiss during True American (which I acknowledge if a different set of circumstances  but still).

Elsewhere, I'm officially over Schmidt and Cece because their antics during the wedding convention or whatever that was didn't make me want to root for them, and in a lot of ways made me like him even less. Also, why are they not together? None of it makes a whole lot of sense and is an example of a will they/won't they going off the rails for no good reason. Either put them back together or blow them up once and for all so we can all move on.

Not a whole lot from Winston, but I appreciated everything he contributed like him telling Nick that he'd be the one to leave if things got weird with Jess. It was just an honest moment that made a lot of sense which is something not a lot of comedies can pull off. Also, we need more Cece and Nick moments.

So, "Table 34" was able to do the right amount of damage control while keeping the idea of a Jess/Nick relationship alive and well. Now, let's just get rid of the other unnecessary romantic tension once and for all.


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