January 30, 2013

Quick Thoughts: Tuesday Night Comedies, Pt. 6

These recaplets are going to shorter than usual. I apologize in advance.

Go On: "Pass Interference"
I've always been iffy about the idea of Janie's ghost, but rationalized it by appreciating the chemistry between the two actors. This time around, the execution was clunkier and I wasn't jazzed about him openly talking about her, but oh well. I was mostly indifferent about the wedding dress B-plot.

New Girl: "Cooler"
It was fun watching the guys hang out on their own although I could've done without Schmidt challenging Nick for the woman at the bar, but we got round two of True American and the big Jess/Nick kiss. The show may have rushed that last part, but I'm genuinely interested to see how it handles the aftermath.

The New Normal: "Dairy Queen"
I suppose the idea of Bryan buying a set of fake boobs so he could breast feed his child was progressive, but also a little off-putting. Sorry. And why has the show decided to make Shania into an insufferable little brat? Admittedly, she's never been my favorite character, and we found out why she was acting up, but this was another episode where she came off looking bad. Thankfully, Nana's damage control has been better handled.

Now that Ben and Kate has officially been cancelled (BOO!), I might go back to individual write-ups... or not. I haven't decided. Either way, hopefully these have been sufficient.


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