March 1, 2013

Quick Thoughts: COMMUNITY, "Alternative History of the German Invasion"

I guess I should just come to terms with the reality that I was never a true Community fan because I've enjoyed these new episodes more than the experts and die-hards. And you know what, I'm OK with that.

Now, I'll fully agree that "German Invasion" was not an important or deep episode, or even a good one for that matter, but it made me laugh more than some of the so-called "classics" that aired during the Dan Harmon era. For example, even though the German jokes were easy and a bit lazy, they still made me chuckle (especially the bit about people not being able to celebrate their own cultures, but that's because of my time in higher education). And I even liked it that the show once again reminded us how selfish and horrible these people are to the outside world.

Look, I get it that most of those watching miss what this show used to be, but that time's over and they need to get over it already. Harmon's gone and this is what Community's going to be from this point on, and it's not that bad. It's just too bad Harmon's drones have already written it off.


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