February 26, 2013

Quick Thoughts: Tuesday Night Comedies, Pt. 8

Man, there were some weak offerings from the Tuesday night sitcoms this time around.

New Girl: "TinFinity"
Pretty much everything that involved Nick and Schmidt worked for me because I'm a fan of odd male friendships like theirs, but not much else clicked. Jess and the football player was just odd and not very funny, and it was a shame that Winston got roped into it because that's two weeks in a row he's been short-changed. On top of that, Jess running away from Nick's going to get old fast. Also, why's Cece going through with the whole arranged marriage fiasco and why did she decide to do it in the first place? Too much non-sense and not enough solid, relationship-focused moments.

Go On: "Ring and a Miss"
Apt title since this episode was mostly lackluster. Since I didn't care for Simone to begin with, her being written out didn't faze me since I was tired of her and knew that she wasn't going to be sticking around to begin with. On the positive side, we got to the return of Ryan's core relationships with Carrie, Steven and Lauren. As for the rest of the episode, I usually like Anne and Mr. K together but his whole Mary Poppins routine was off-putting.

The New Normal: "Rocky Bye Baby"
While I didn't love or hate this episode, it just didn't work for me. First off, I get why Bryan and David didn't want a shower or gifts, but they did come off as ungrateful dicks throughout the entire ordeal. At least the show was aware enough to point this out but still. And since when did Rocky want a kid? It feels like that's something Murphy and Adler just came up with so NeNe could have something to do, but that shouldn't shock anyone familiar with the former's work. All complaining aside, Goldie's shower was a nice moment, so at least there's that.


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