April 26, 2013

Quick Thoughts: COMMUNITY, "Basic Human Anatomy"

I'm sure the Harmon acolytes will say that "Basic Human Anatomy" was the closest thing to Community Classic this season, and they're probably right since I didn't find it all that funny, but I did like the emotional beats and thought it was an all around solid episode.

I've been praising Donald Glover for some time now, and he's been one of the bright spots of a weak season 4, but he really brought his A-game by playing Troy as Abed. Ditto for Danny Pudi. The funny thing is, I want NBC to put Community out of its misery once and for all after watching "Basic Human Anatomy" because I want Glover to be freed up so he can make his pilot. Gillian Jacobs was also on fire even though her story with Troy was inherently flawed.

For most of the season, the relationship between Britta and Troy has been an afterthought at best, especially since she's been spending so much time with Jeff. Now, it could be argued that this was the plan all along, a way to show the audience how incompatible they were as a couple, but the lack of development led to a lukewarm break-up. Sure, it was nice to see their friendship in tact when it was all said and done, but everything up until that moment fell flat because I was never given an opportunity to care about them as a couple. What a shame.

Another miss: Jeff being a jerk... again, and Annie's temporary crush on Dean Pelton. Yes, the latter gave us a glimpse into how her brain (and other parts) work, but it was too creepy for my liking.

Again, I didn't laugh a whole lot while watching "Basic Human Anatomy," but the performances by Glover, Jacobs and Pudi picked up the slack, and they were enough to salvage the entire thing.


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