April 30, 2013

Quick Thoughts: NEW GIRL, "Virgins"

For some reason I have a feeling that "Virgins" was supposed to be a more monumental episode than it turned out to be, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't a good episode because it was thanks to some brilliant comedic moments.

A group of friends telling stories about their first times is by no means a ground-breaking tradition, and it's these kind of moments that makes New Girl work. We need to buy these people as genuine friends for the show to work, and the flashbacks and everyone's reactions to them cemented the bonds that have formed. Plus, they were really funny.

Where the show wobbled just a tad for me was the ending. I can see how Nick would get out of his own way and make his move on Jess, and I appreciated how the afterglow wasn't awkward per se but more jovial because it'd be too easy to make them immediately regret what happened. The thing is it all felt kind of rushed and out of nowhere. Sure, the entire show's run has been building up to this moment, and kudos to the writers for not waiting until the finale, but it all came off as inconsequential when it was all said and done. I'm not saying that Jess and Nick's first time had to be an earth-shattering moment but it did have to be a moment. I don't know if this was one.

At the end of the day, "Virgins" was a funny enough episode, but the Nick and Jess stuff didn't feel special enough in my opinion.


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