May 16, 2013

TV Upfronts: CBS' 2013-2014 Schedule

Unlike ABC and FOX, CBS was able to shake things up just enough while also showing signs of stability with its new schedule, and the changes were a welcomed sight because the most-watched network didn't have to do anything different to boost ratings.

2013-2014 Fall Line-up (NOTE: New shows are in UPPER CASE and times are Eastern Standard)

8-9p: The Amazing Race
9-10p: The Good Wife
10-11p: The Mentalist

Initial Thoughts: OK, this night didn't change at all but that's alright because old people like their routines and CBS probably didn't want to confuse anyone.

Mondays (fall)
8-8:30p: How I Met Your Mother
8:30-9p: WE ARE MEN
9-9:30p: 2 Broke Girls
9:30-10p: MOM
10-11p: HOSTAGES

Mondays (mid-season)
8-8:30p: How I Met Your Mother
8:30-9p: WE ARE MEN
9-9:30p: 2 Broke Girls
9:30-10p: MOM

Initial Thoughts: CBS Mondays are relatively stable with HIMYM and 2BG anchoring the night, but they're being asked to prop up two new comedies in We Are Men and Mom, and Hawaii Five-0 has been replaced with the time-share dramas Hostages and Intelligence. I can't say the moves were too risky but they make sense with the exception of We Are Men being the sole single-cam comedy in the bunch.


8-9p: NCIS
9-10p: NCIS: Los Angeles
10-11p: Person of Interest

Initial Thoughts: Another night with only a slight difference as the two NCIS shows lead into Person of Interest, which should help boost the night for the Eye.


8-9p: Survivor
9-10p: Criminal Minds
10-11p: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Initial Thoughts: Yet another line-up that carried over from last season, but again too much change can be disorienting for some older viewers.


8-8:30p: The Big Bang Theory
8:30-9p: THE MILLERS
9:30-10p: Two and a Half Men
10-11p: Elementary

Initial Thoughts: CBS finally went and added another hour of comedy to it's schedule, and while it makes some sense to have Big Bang Theory kick off the night, I was a little perplexed by The Crazy Ones getting 9PM over Two and a Half Men. I suppose CBS is banking on Robin Williams being enough of a draw and Two and a Half Men bowing out at the end of the year. Or maybe it's just an odd move like Elementary staying put and PoI being shipped to Tuesdays.


8-9p: Undercover Boss
9-10p: Hawaii Five-0
10-11p: Blue Bloods

Initial Thoughts: H50's the next aging CBS procedural to be put out to pasture, and I can't really blame CBS for making this move. At least they didn't throw one of their new shows under the bus like they did with Made in Jersey.

Mid-Season: Mike & Molly, Reckless, and Friends with Better Lives.

CBS could have easily rested on its laurels and continued to dominated network television, but it decided to try some new things this time around, and hopefully things work out for the Eye because breaking away from the mundane should be encouraged. So what if I'm not going to watch a second of its programming?


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