May 13, 2013

TV Upfronts: FOX's 2013-2014 Schedule

Next up to reveal its 2013-2014 schedule was FOX, and they took a less change is better approach because it kept most of its tentpoles in place and only swapped out what's around them. For example, it's sticking with Animation Domination on Sundays, four comedy Tuesdays, and Glee on Thursdays. Oh, and Bones to Fridays but more on that later.

2013-2014 Fall Line-up (NOTE: New shows are in UPPER CASE and times are Eastern Standard)

8-8:30p: The Simpsons
8:30-9p: Bob's Burgers
9-9:30p: Family Guy
9:30-10p: American Dad!

Initial Thoughts: Yup, nothing to see here.

Mondays (fall)
8-9p: Bones

Mondays (late fall)

Mondays (mid-season)
9-10p: The Following

Initial Thoughts: Bones is such a utility player at this point that FOX is actually using it to keep Mondays at 8 warm until Almost Human's ready to take over, and then it's going to Friday nights for some reason. I just hope for FOX's sake that The Following was not too dependent on Bones because it's not going to have that luxury this time around... unless Almost Human tanks and the Hart Hanson procedural saves the day again.

8-8:30p: Dads
8:30-9p: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
9-9:30p: New Girl
9:30-10p: The Mindy Project

Initial Thoughts: Talk about mish-mash. I have no idea what FOX is going for with this line-up, and I still think Glee should've been shipped back to Tuesdays, but I don't know anything except for a four comedy Tuesday probably will flop... again.

Wednesdays (fall)
8-10p: The X-Factor

Wednesdays (mid-season)
8-10p: American Idol

Initial Thoughts: Yawn.

Thursdays (fall)
8-9p: The X-Factor
9-10p: Glee

Thursdays (mid-season)
8-9p: American Idol
9-10p: RAKE

Initial Thoughts: I don't know why Glee's still on Thursdays, and I'm a gleek. I was sure FOX was going to use the X-Factor/American Idol combo to help prop up a show like New Girl (even though it rarely helps comedies), but here we are. That said, giving Rake a decent lead-in isn't a horrible idea but I wonder about the potential for crossover.

Fridays (falls)
8-9p: Junior Masterchef
9-10p: Encore Programming

Fridays (mid-season)
8-9p: Bones
9-9:30p: Raising Hope
9:30-10p: ENLISTED

Initial Thoughts: Theoretically, I don't see anything wrong with scheduling Bones and Raising Hope on Fridays, but part of me can't help but think what was the point of bringing them back if this is the plan. On top of that, launching a new sitcom after the low-rated Hope's also a head-scratcher, but it's not like any of FOX's moves have made sense to me.

Mid-Season: 24: Live Another Day, Gang Related, Murder Police, Surviving Jack, Us & Them, and Wayward Pines

I know that the lack of drastic changes should be a sign of confidence, but it's not like FOX was raking up the viewers this past season, so I would've have blamed it one bit for trying something new. I guess I was just expecting more from FOX this time around and can't help but feel a little let down. Ah well.


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