February 4, 2014

Episode Review: JUSTIFIED, "Shot All to Hell"

After a few brief scenes last week, Raylan and Boyd were back in their separate corners juggling all of the balls that have been thrown at them this season which made "Shot All to Hell" a mixed-bag of an episode.

Apparently, Boyd's game this entire time was to have the rich old man and the dirty sheriff killed so Ava's case would be dismissed. It looked like had literally gotten away with murder when the skivvy prison guard framed her for assaulting him thus ruining her chances of being released. While all of this was going on, Boyd still had to figure out what to do with Cousin Johnny. He convinced Hot Rod Duhnam to give up his kin, but Johnny threw a wrench in the plan by buying of Dunham's men. Oh, and Crowder had to deal with the Crowes trying to muscle him out of money.

Raylan had his hands full as well. After calling child protective services on the Crowes, Allison was brought into his feud, but he also had to keep dodging Art who was still on the case of Nicky Augustine's murder. Things started looking dicey when Theo Tonin's hitter showed up to take out Picker, but all was right with the world when it was said and done as Art was responsible for taking down the Detroit mobster. Picker even fingered Special Agent Barkley as the dirty fed who had his hand in Augustine's death. It looked like Raylan was off the hook until he told Art that Barkley wasn't the one there that night.

The cat and mouse game going on between Raylan and Art has been hands down the best stuff this season since it's the only source of true tension. Some of the looks exchanged between the two men were equal parts nerve-racking and heart-breaking as Art started putting the pieces together. I'm somewhat doubtful Raylan will come clean any time soon, but the fallout's going to be something to watch when it's all said and done.

Once again, I found myself completely checked out whenever the episode switched over to Boyd, Ava, or the Crowes. So far everything's come off as very anti-climactic and underwhelming to the point that I don't know what can save these storyarcs. All I know is that it's been disappointing to see such talent be wasted.

Other Odds and Ends:

  • I enjoyed watching Alan Tudyk play the crazy, and albeit hammy, hitman because it was such a departure from what I'm used to seeing him in. It's too bad they killed him off so quickly.
  • Ditto for Edi Gathegi as Jean Baptiste.
  • "Does anybody mind if I order?"
I know that it's not possible, but I'm really hoping that the rest of Season 5 will focus on the dance between Raylan and Art with an occasional appearance from Boyd and/or Wynn. Either that or the writers need to make me care about everything not involving the two Marshals. I think my idea's more likely at this point.


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