March 16, 2010

News: Elisabetta Canalis Heading to LEVERAGE

Apparently, Elisabetta Canalis (aka George Clooney's girlfriend) is going to heat up the Leverage set this summer, and I'm all for it. While Elisabetta is very, very attractive, I'm hoping that her connection to Clooney will bring some new viewers to the TNT con-man drama.

I don't think the show needs to bank on stunt-casting, but I am all about exposing my favorite show to a wider audience. Maybe she'll even bring her boyfriend and his ten buddies to set, and they can have a little friendly rivalry with the Leverage Crew.

I just hope she's a decent actress because her character sounds interesting, and I don't want all this hype to be wasted on a lousy performance. I mean looks can only take you so me.


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