March 15, 2010


Now, that White Collar has wrapped up its first season, I can now spend some time watching NBC's new family drama, Parenthood.

I caught the first two episodes online, and while they are kind of heavy-handed with the adulthood angst and melodrama, I can tell that it has the potential to be one of my favorite shows. It really shouldn't be surprising that I dig Parenthood so far since its creator, Jason Katims, has ties to another great NBC show Friday Night Lights.

While I like the show well enough now, I hope that future episodes do a better job at mixing in the comedy with the drama because like I mentioned, watching the show can be very emotionally exhausting. Although, the few glimpses of light-heartedness that were present during the first two episodes were genuine and sweet, which is always aces.

The biggest strength the show has is its cast, which is almost pitch perfect. No disrespect to Maura Tierney, whom I wish a speedy recovery to, but Lauren Graham owns her role, although she still has a little too much Lorelai coming through for my tastes. Peter Krause is also amazing as Adam, the eldest of the four siblings, and I see award nominations in his future if the show catches on.

Parenthood is not a perfect show by any stretch of the imagination, but it's more realistic than any reality TV show, it's has the potential to be funnier than most sitcoms, and its drama can be moving when you're not being slapped across the face by it. I'm definitely going to have to start watching this show regularly.


Vanessa said...

Hey Marcos!
I totally agree with you, I am loving this show! It could use a bit more funny, but I love how they've done a good job of portraying a real family, so far at least! I hope it gets picked up for a second season, because I think this could be a great show! Hope all is well in Texas!

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