May 3, 2010

Episode Review: CASTLE, "Food to Die For"

After a heavier installment a few weeks ago, this week's Castle was back to its charming, witty ways. Not only did we get a pretty interesting Case of the Week, but we also got a glimpse of who Beckett is, and of course some delicious Castle/Beckett moments.

Once again, the show uses current pop culture to drive the Case of the Week as the murder victim was once a contestant on a Top Chef-type reality show (which had some of the worst reality acting ever filmed). For some reason we had a ton of suspects this time around, one of whom was an old high school friend of Beckett (whom Castle asks out just to get a rise out of Beckett), but the twist and reveal was just believable enough for me to buy it.

As always the case took a backseat to the chemistry between Castle and Beckett, and this week the two are going out of their way to make the other jealous, which led to some great awkward, but still cute, moments between the two. What I love is the two obviously have feelings for one another, are trying to play it cool, but are still able to pick on each other. Adding Demming to the mix hasn't taken away all of the fun that is Caskett.

Speaking of Demming, his character was fleshed out a little bit more tonight, and we're getting a better idea of who he is.  I also applaud the show runners for making him a likable guy because it would be too easy for the audience to hate him since he's a roadblock rather than the destination. It's going to be fun watching the pissing contest that is going to ensue between Demming and Castle, but I'm sure some fans wouldn't blame Beckett if she picks the former over the latter. We all know how it's going to end up, but I wouldn't mind if Demming stuck around for a while.

Other odds and ends: I seriously hope that Castle freezing fruit and using an evil genius laugh was a deliberate callback to Dr. Horrible because that would be the second best reference ever (the first being the Firefly homage from earlier this season naturally). After an Esposito heavy episode last time, we didn't get enough of the rest of the boys which was kind of a bummer. Also, the Alexis sub-plot really didn't go anywhere, which was a shame since most of the father-daughter moments are gold (her asking him to tell her to stay home and study was kind of cute though), but this week was supposed to be about the mounting sexual tension between Castle and Beckett and rightfully so.

"Food to Die For" wasn't as strong as "Den of Thieves", but its lighter tone is what makes a show like Castle work, and I am grateful for that. Plus, we're getting to see the green-eyed monsters slowly grow beneath the surfaces of both Beckett and Castle, which means we're in for some pretty fun times.


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