May 3, 2010

Episode Review: CHUCK, "Chuck vs. the Role Models"

Week two of Chuck and Sarah as a couple and they're starting to win me over despite the fact that the relationship has evolved too quickly. I know that they've had feelings for each other for years, but they've went from dating to running away together to living together like that.

I would've liked if they spent more time establishing them as a couple, but I understand why the show runners are fastforwarding the story. I guess the reason I'm starting to buy them as a couple is because we actually got to see them as a couple with their little foibles and watching them have little lovers spats. Watching them bicker was kind of cute.

While Chuck and Sarah are gelling as a couple, they're still not as entertaining as Casey and Morgan. Watching Casey putting Morgan through his paces was both hilarious and touching all at the same time. It's kind of cool seeing Casey take Morgan under his wing, and take a legitimate effort in his training. Plus, it was kind of nice seeing Casey admit that they're actually friends. Aww.

Other odds and ends: Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz were also inspired guest stars as the Allens, and I liked how they actually helped the plot along rather than just being an attempt at stunt casting. Their roles as a cautionary tale/paragons of spy love/torch bearers all worked in the end. Captain Super-Fantastic-White Person and Ellie are finally in Africa, and I could've cared less. First off, I'm tired of Ellie being so clingy when it comes to Chuck, and the Doctors Without Borders subplot just seemed to be tacked on with little to no direction...until the very end that is.

My only real gripe about the first few episodes of Chuck Season 3.2 is they've been spending too much time on the relationship stuff, and they really hasn't been a story arc to follow. I know that everyone wants to see Chuck and Sarah together, but there is a whole universe/storyline being ignored. I hope we're getting some Ring/mythology stuff here soon.

With that being said, "Role Models" was still a pretty entertaining episode with some great one-liners and some awesome Casey and Morgan moments. Based on the promo, next week's "Chuck vs. the Tooth" looks like it's going to ratchet up the suspense and intrigue, and I'm totally on board with that.


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