September 28, 2010

News: LONE STAR Canceled

NOTE: I wrote this post prior to the official announcement that FOX canceled Lone Star.

After another poor performance last night, Lone Star is about to hit the old dusty trail. In a lot of way's FOX's new con-man drama was doomed from the start. Ads really didn't focus on the griffter aspect of the show, relied too much on a good looking man cheating on two women, and it's a character-driven story that is slow burning. Also, it's based in Texas, and the rest of the country is jealous of us, so they refuse to watch our shows *cough*Friday Night Lights*cough*. I kid.

Nothing about Lone Star screams, "main stream", but that doesn't mean that its ultimate demise isn't disheartening. It's one of the few truly original shows to debut this season, but we need to come to terms with reality that the typical audience does not want original. They want familiar. They want CSI: Honolulu. They want The Klumps: The Sitcom. They want Slumdog Call Center. Lone Star never had a chance.

The thing is, we shouldn't be surprised. The majority of the critics who praised the show also recognized that it doesn't fit the network model. They kept focusing on the fact that it feels like a cable show, and doesn't have the legs to fill a 22-episode order. It looks like they were right.

People are going to hold on to hope. They're going to petition that FX pick up the series, they're going to scream for it to be moved to a new day and time. Facebook pages will be created, and #SaveLonestar will show up on Twitter. All of these attempts will be futile because the show was D.O.A. It's sad, but true.

Sure, a miracle might happen, and FX could do for Lone Star what TNT did for Southland. FOX could shuffle it to Friday nights and move Human Target to Mondays. I just wouldn't hold my breath. I'm just glad FOX took another risk, and I hope this show's failure will not scare them and other networks away from putting on quality programming. Then again, CBS did decide to turn another Twitter feed into a sitcom.


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