September 28, 2010

Episode Review: GLEE, "Britney/Brittany"

Tonight, was Glee's big homage to Britney Spears, and I tried to figure out what the episode was trying to say, but at the end of the night it was just a strung together mash-up of the pop icon's music videos. "Britney/Brittany" had some fun moments, but it lacked the punch of "The Power of Madonna", and was void of any coherent plot. So, all in all it was your typical episode of Glee.

The episode kicked off with the introduction of Emma's new dentist boyfriend, Dr. Carl (played by John Stamos). Will let him talk to the Gleeks about good dental hygiene in order to impress Emma...I think. We get an almost cliche scene where they all chew plaque tablets, which was the catalyst for many anesthesia-induced trips where members of New Directions performed Britney songs.

Out of the five Britney inspired segments, the two involving Brittany were the best because Heather Morris really brought her A-game. Her versions of "I'm a Slave 4 U" and "Me Against the Music" were fantastic, mostly due to the fact that Heather's a phenomenal dancer. Plus, seeing her in some of the iconic costumes that Britney made famous was an added perk.

Rachel also visited Dr. Carl's office, and she too had a Brit themed hallucination where she performed "...Baby One More Time" in the classic schoolgirl outfit. While I didn't mind seeing Lea Michele in pigtails and a plaid skirt, her rendition of the song didn't work and it was kind of disappointing.

The final Britney inspired performance where New Directions turned "Toxic" into a jazzy, Broadway style number was actually pretty entertaining, and Matthew Morrison killed it. Although, seeing Will perform with his students at an assembly was a little off-putting and kind of inappropriate.

Oh, there was the scene where Artie and the football players sang "Stronger", but I'm trying to block it out of my memory. It was quite possibly the worst musical segment ever performed on Glee (yes, I'm including "Thong Song"), and it was no where near as entertaining as last season's "Single Ladies" routine.

As you can see, I'm focusing a lot on the musical performances, and it's not because they blew me away, but because they were the main focus of the episode. In classic Glee style, they tried to weave in some plot points, but they didn't make an impact. All of the Rachel/Finn and Will/Emma stuff felt trite, and I'm quickly losing interest in both couples. Can't they just be happy damn it!

Not all of the non-musical moments in "Britney/Brittany" were duds. The scene where Kurt snapped at Will for not being open to incorporating Britney's songs into their repertoire could've led to an interesting subplot, but it was quickly dropped in favor of flashy numbers and boring relationship drama. Seeing Brittany take center stage was also entertaining, and I'm glad that they were able to make her the focus without overexposing her character. We also got some classic Sue rants and insults, but even those felt like they were shoehorned into the episode.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • Brittany S. Pierce = Brilliant!
  • Heather Morris' dancing = Brilliant-ier!
  • Santana hitting on Uncle Jesse was both wrong and a little hot. Too bad a "have mercy" wasn't worked in, but it's coming. I can feel it.
  • First Kurt was on the football team, and now Artie?!?! By season's end, Mercedes is going to be a Cheerio. Oh wait...
  • The final scene where Rachel sang Paramore (a group I hadn't heard of before tonight) was sweet, and made up for the rest of the Finn/Rachel melodrama.
  • Man, I wish we got to see Will and Kurt in Figgins' office.
  • Heather Morris belly dancing with a giant snake = Beyond Brilliant!

I know that I've written about how Glee just needs fun musical numbers and great jokes to keep me interested, but tonight's "Britney/Brittany" was so barebones and one-dimensional that it was distracting. I don't need the show to be all deep or brooding, but giving us an actual story that makes sense every once in a while won't be the end of the world. I'm just glad that there was enough HeMo Hotness to make up for the episode's shortcomings.


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