September 1, 2010

Watch: My GLEE-kiness is Returning

The first real promo for Glee's second season is out, and it won me over with its brief moments...

I know that there are a lot of people out there still hesitant about Glee's sophomore run because the back-9 wasn't as strong as the first 13 or because they've added new characters (thus giving current regulars less screen time), but I have faith in the show. Sure S2 could become a hot damn mess, but it could also be better than all of S1. Let's see what Murphy & Co. has to offer before jumping ship.

P.S. - After numerous rewatchings, the back 9 was not as bad as people say it was. Uneven, yes, but not horrible. Hell, "Funk" has even started to grow on me.


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