September 7, 2010

TV Report Card: Make-Up Edition 2

Man, I've really slacked off when it comes to these little write-ups, and it doesn't help that it's taken me a while to watch all of the episodes. Here's my feeble attempt at making up for lost time.

Week of August 22
Leverage: "The Rashomon Job"
Quick Thoughts: In a lot of ways "Rashomon" was the episode every Grifter wanted to see because it showed the Crew's lives prior to teaming up. Sophie, Parker, Eliot, and Hardison were all after the same priceless dagger, which was insured by Nathan's firm. The multiple perspectives approach to storytelling created some great moments. While "Rashomon" didn't contribute to the greater Moreau arc, it was a solid stand alone episode.


Warehouse 13: "Merge with Caution"
Quick Thoughts: "Merge" was Warehouse 13's attempt at the classic body switch story, and it worked for the most part. Seeing Pete in Myka's body was worth a few laughs, and Joanne Kelly did a great job at selling the gags. In the end, the episode was pretty standard sci-fi fare and nothing groundbreaking, but still fun.


White Collar: "Prisoner's Dilemma"
Quick Thoughts: This episode of White Collar was definitely one of the highlights of season 2. Peter's a fugitive, we get to see one of Mozzie's hideouts, the team cons a crooked U.S. Marshall, fast cars, and the awesome CI off. Good stuff.


Eureka: "The Ex-Files"
Quick Thoughts: Some science experiment gone wrong caused some of the residents of Eureka to encounter people from their pasts to help them move forward with their lives. Stark haunted Carter, Tess followed Alison, and Jo had to deal with the Zane she fell in love with. While this was going on Dr. Grant was coming to terms with the fact that Eureka did not turn out as he planned since it is manufacturing weapons for the government. Pretty good episode, and it was nice having Stark back.


Week of August 29
Leverage: "The King George Job"
Quick Thoughts: Maybe it was because "King George" was a Sophie heavy episode, but I really didn't care too much for this episode. It should have been a good one too since we finally got back to Moreau, and the con took the Crew to London, but it was only OK. Parker, Eliot, and Hardison were able to get in some good lines, which is always a plus.


Warehouse 13: "Vendetta"
Quick Thoughts: It was kind of neat learning more about Artie's past, and the Claudia/Todd stuff was kind of cute. The major let down of S2 has been the H.G. Wells arc. I was expecting her to be this kick-ass baddie, and I guess there's still time for a heel turn, but having her as a grieving ex-agent just doesn't work for me.


White Collar: "Company Man"
Quick Thoughts: I probably need to re-watch "Company Man" again because I really cannot remember what went on. I remember Peter was posing as an auditor for the case and almost died, and we got some more information about the music box, but I cannot remember much else.


NOTE: I've pretty much stopped watching Psych, and someday I'll watch the rest of the season 5 episodes, but for now I'm just going to take a break from Shawn and Gus.


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