September 22, 2010


Wednesday nights are going to be a lot busier than I initially expected thanks to Undercovers, Modern Family, and FX's Terriers.

Undercovers: "Pilot"
Quick Thoughts: On the surface, J.J. Abrams' Undercovers is my kind of show. A good combination of action, humor, and sexiness is always appreciated. The two leads, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Boris Kodje, are attractive enough, and their chemistry was apparent right off the bat. While it's sometimes hard to buy Chuck and Sarah as a couple, I can totally see these two as husband and wife. I also loved the fact that Undercovers has a lighter tone compared to Abrams' other shows. While I had fun watching the pilot, it wasn't perfect. The action sequences really didn't pop, which was a surprise, and I'm hoping that a story arc/mythology is on its way because a mission of the week approach will lose steam. Nothing complicated like Rambaldi or Others, just something to keep me coming back week after week. Undercovers had an impressive first effort, and there's enough good stuff to keep me entertained for now.

Modern Family: "The Old Wagon"
Quick Thoughts: Yes, I'm going to try to regularly watch Modern Family this season, but tonight's season 2 premiere wouldn't have won me over if it was the first episode I ever watched. Like a lot o MF episodes, three stories were taking place, and only one worked: the Dunphy's and their old station wagon. Ty Burrell once again proved that he's what makes the show special, and Julie Bowen continued to impress. The Dunphy story line had the right mix of LOL moments, heart, and realism. The plot revolving around Mitchell, Cam, and Jay was worth a few chuckles but little else. I could not stand the Delgado stuff, and I'll come out and say it: I hate Manny. "The Old Wagon" was alright, but I couldn't believe this show won the Emmy after watching it.

Cougar Town: "All Mixed Up"
Quick Thoughts: Tonight's season 2 premiere was the first time I watched Cougar Town, and I had mixed feelings about the show. A lot of the episode worked, but some important elements did not. For example, I loved the movie game they came up with, the boys hanging out was funny, and watching Busy Phillips and the kid hang out was kind of sweet. Unfortunately, Courteney Cox's character was insufferable, and I cannot imagine watching a show with her as a main character. Maybe "All Mixed Up" was a bad episode for Cox, and other episodes utilized her better, but somehow I doubt that.

Terriers: "Change Partners"
Quick Thoughts: "Change Partners" was probably the oddest hour of television I've ever watched. Hank still needed a loan to buy his old house, and has been denied multiple times, but a bank manager cut him a deal that would get Hank his loan if he follows the manager's wife. We learn that this guy was into cuckolding, which led to some some weird moments between the wife, Hank, and Britt. It was kind of creepy and rubbed me the wrong way. The B-plot that involved Britt's past and how he met Katie was great. I really love Britt & Katie's relationship, and it was nice learning more about them. While the Case of the Week was subpar, the chemistry between Hank, Britt, and Katie made the show a lot of fun.

Tonight was jam-packed with TV, but it was also underwhelming because none of the shows I watched really blew me away. They all had components that worked really well, but there were also aspects that just didn't do it for me. Out of the four, the only one I'll probably cut out altogether is Cougar Town. Then again, I wasn't planning on watching tonight's episode, so maybe I should give it one more shot. Either way, Undercovers, Modern Family, and Terriers have all made my regular schedule.


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