September 23, 2010


Tonight was supposed to be the first round of the epic face-off between NBC's Community and CBS' The Big Bang Theory, and I decided to watch The CW's The Vampire Diaries over both. I have to admit it, I'm glad I tuned into TVD over its comedy counterparts.

The Vampire Diaries: "Bad Moon Rising"
Quick Thoughts: Let me first clarify something, only a third of "Bad Moon Rising" made me glad that I watched it over Community and Big Bang, and that part was the Stefan/Caroline storyline. After the season premiere, I was intrigued by Caroline becoming a vampire because the character's not dispensable like that girl from season 1, and it's interesting watching her come to grips with her vampirism. Plus, she had great chemistry with Stefan who's filling the Obi-Wan role nicely. All of the Elena/Damon stuff was boring, and I know they're going to end up together, but we've seen it all before. I swear, if Damon tries to rape Elena in her bathroom, I'm out. The last third, the Lockwood's family curse, was a let down because it always has to be vampires AND werewolves. Aren't there any other gothic creatures? TVD is by no means a great show, but it's still entertaining, and even tonight's mediocre episode had its moments.

Nikita: "Kill Jill"
I'm still trying to make up my mind about Nikita. In some ways, it is the show I wish Undercovers could be; a spy show with decent action and a clear story to tell. The thing is, some of the parts continue to be weaker than others like the acting, which can be over the top. For example, I actually wanted Division to kill Jill because the actress playing her was way too hammy. I even remember thinking last week that some of the actors needed to tone it down a notch. With that being said, "Kill Jill" was a decent hour of television. It really didn't push the larger arc forward, but it had the right combination of action, suspense, and story to keep me satisfied. Next week's origin story episode should be a good one.

Thursday nights are still packed, and I'll probably try to put something together that covers all of the other shows in the near future, but for right now the CW one-two punch is doing a good job at keeping me as a viewer, and I might keep them as my go-to shows. Who said The CW is just for tween girls?


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