September 7, 2010

TV Showdown: The TImeslot Wars II - Fall 2010

With the 2010 Fall TV season starting in the next couple of weeks (technically this week if you're a fan of the CW), it's time to firm up which shows are going to get my attention this year. Last winter, I blogged about how the lack of a DVR or Tivo has forced me to pick shows in some of the most competitive timeslots. It's September, and I still don't have a DVR (I refuse to spend money I don't have to), so here is the Fall 2010 edition of Timeslot Wars.

Mondays @ 8p/7c: Chuck (NBC) vs. How I Met Your Mother & Rules of Engagement (CBS)

One of the few repeat matchups kicks off the week as Chuck is up against How I Met Your Mother once again, and this time around the CBS comedy is bringing longtime hanger-on Rules of Engagement. Now, I'm probably in the minority, but I actually enjoy RoE mostly due to Oliver Hudson's performance. Too bad RoE isn't a stellar show and is paired up with the long-in-the-tooth How I Met Your Mother.

I know Carter & Bays have said they're going to right the HIMYM ship, and they've learned their lessons from the horrible 5th season, but I'll believe it when I see it. If HIMYM can stop focusing on gimmicky stand-alone episodes, tones down Barney's shtick, and gets back to the "mother" then this show will be watchable again.

In all reality, Chuck shouldn't have gotten a 4th season, but it did and I'm not going to complain. Until this show is cancelled once and for all, I will always watch Chuck live and catch up on other shows online. The realist in me figures this will be the last time there will be a Timeslot Showdown on Mondays at 8 PM, but the Chuckster in me hopes I'm wrong.


Mondays @ 10p/9c: Castle (ABC) vs. Hawaii 5-0 (CBS)

For the first time since its inception, Castle does not have to go up against the powerhouse that is CSI: Miami, and will get to face the rookie cop procedural Hawaii 5-0. I was initially happy to hear the news that the Fillion vehicle does not have to go up against David Carusso's sunglasses, but I have a feeling Hawaii 5-0 is going to have enough sizzle and buzz to put up a fight. Much like Chuck, I will always watch Castle first which means Hawaii 5-0 will have to wait.

WINNER: Castle

Tuesdays @ 8p/7c: Glee (FOX) vs. No Ordinary Family (ABC)

This match up shouldn't be as close as it is because Glee quickly became one of my favorite shows on TV (even with its weaker back 9), and I will definitely be watching Mr. Shue and New Directions live, but No Ordinary Family is intriguing enough to have me wondering which to choose.


Thursdays @ 8p/7c: The Big Bang Theory (CBS) v. Bones (FOX) v. Community (NBC) v. The Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Bones had a pretty underwhelming fifth season, and I was close to giving up on the show altogether, but I'm going to stick it out...I'm just not going to make watching it a priority. Community should be the clear winner, but as Lee Corso says, "Not so fast my friend".

The winner of this Fatal Fourway will come down to which shows are easily accessible online. Usually, CBS never puts episodes of Big Bang online and the CW's exclusion from Hulu makes catching up on VD episodes kind of a hassle.

Gun to my head, I'll probably pick The Big Bang Theory to watch live and try to catch up with all of the others somewhere online, although I won't be surprised if Community ends up being my must-watch as times goes on.

WINNER: The Big Bang Theory

Thursdays @ 9p/8c: Fringe (FOX) vs. Nikita (The CW)

I'm still trying to make myself a Fringe fan, but I still haven't gotten through season 2 which kind of hinders my ability to watch season 3 right off the bat. On the surface, Nikita seems like it's my kind of show, and it has the chance to be the first CW show I have to watch since Reaper.

WINNER: Nikita

As always, Thursday and Monday nights will be the busiest when it comes to good shows being on the air, but unless a show surprises me one way or another my decisions will be pretty easy to make this fall.


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