December 12, 2010

Episode Review: LEVERAGE, "The Ho, Ho, Ho Job"

My favorite TNT series was back from its hiatus to give us a Christmas themed episode. While I wasn't expecting "The Ho, Ho, Ho Job" to push the Damien Moreau arc forward, I was hoping that it'd be a fun stand alone episode, and I wasn't disappointed.

Parker convinced Nate to help a mall Santa who was framed and fired from his job. The Crew ended up infiltrating a gang of bad Santas and uncovered a credit card fraud scam led by their rival Chaos. They did their best to thwart Chaos' plan, but they found out that his credit cards were a red herring and they actually helped him rob a bank. Of course by episode's end they were able to right their wrong, the Santas were caught, and Chaos was nabbed as well.

Again, "The Ho, Ho, Ho Job" didn't add much to the overall Season 3 arc, but seeing the Crew in all of their holiday get-ups, Parker's belief in Santa and her insistence that they help him, and the return of Chaos all made for an enjoyable episode. One element that's been lacking on Leverage has been a constant foil (yes, there's Sterling but his appearances are too sporadic), so having Wil Wheton back was a nice change of pace. Also, the ending with all of the presents from Nate and Sophie was also a cute way to wrap everything up with a bow.

Other Odds and Ends
  • According to Glee and Leverage, blondes are more susceptible to still believe in Santa as they grow older. I wasn't shocked that Parker still believed in St. Nick, and she was too cute just like Brittany. No wonder they're my favorite blondes.
  • Gifts: A Hattori Hanzo samurai sword for Eliot, a prototype cell phone for Hardison, and a stack of cash (with non-sequential serial numbers) for Parker.
  • Eliot called Hardison his friend. It's another Christmas miracle!
  • Parker actually decorated the tree with stolen jewelry. Classic!
  • "You're Santa. Respect the suit."
  • "Santa's so angry."
  • "I feel bad that I had to take out the guard though. I left him a candy cane."
"The Ho, Ho, Ho Job" was another fun episode of Leverage, but I'm glad that next week's two-part finale will finally get back to Damien Moreau.


Anonymous said...

I think that's an "Hattori Hanzō" (服部 半蔵) sword, seeō

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