August 2, 2011

Quick Thoughts: WHITE COLLAR, "On the Fence"

Man, White Collar can really ratchet up the drama right before a "summer" finale. Not only did "On the Fence" bring in geek goddess Eliza Dushku, but it also gave the fans a pretty tense and exciting episode.

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting to like "On the Fence" mostly because of Dusku's guest spot. I get that she's been a part of some legendary cult shows, but I'm not a fan, so I wasn't looking forward to her invading White Collar. Luckily, her role in tonight's episode wasn't too distracting, but it wasn't all that captivating either. In the end, she pretty much played the standard Eliza Dusku character, so no harm no foul.

What made the episode work had nothing to do with the guest star, but everything to do with the relationships between the characters. Neal quickly realized how all of his actions and inactions are affecting those close to him. His hidden treasure brought his old foe, Matthew Keller, out of hiding, which put Peter and Sara in danger. As if that wasn't enough, his partnership/friendship with Mozzie was shaken by his lie about the manifest. The tension between Neal and everyone else has made this season fun to watch because it's been so character-driven instead of relying on too many tricks, which is always welcomed.

While "On the Fence" had plenty of relationship drama, it also supplied some genuinely cool moments. My favorite  had to be Moz going to a confessional to put out a hit on Keller. Sure, it was a little over the top, but it was just one of those noir-ish scenes that makes the genre great.

I can't say that "On the Fence" was one of the best episodes of Season 3, but it was still a fun ride with just the right amount of plot development to get us ready for the summer finale, which was kinda the point. All in all, I'd have to say it was a success.


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