August 1, 2011

Episode Review: THE GLEE PROJECT, "Sexuality"

Man, The Glee Project has more drama than Glee itself, and Ryan Murphy still has no idea what he wants, which meant that "Sexuality" was another odd hour of television.

Homework Assignment
Since this week's theme was sexuality, the homework assignment had to incorporate one of Murphy's favorite artists, Madonna. The Wanna-Glees had to show their sexy side while singing "Like a Virgin", and it was up to Pizes (Mark Salling and Ashley Fink) to pick a winner. After a mish-mash of all of the contenders grinding all up on each other, Samuel won another challenge, and I had to agree with Lindsay's disbelief.

Now that Matheus is gone, Samuel is the next contestant that makes me wonder what people see in him. I'll give him his due, he has a unique look for Glee (kinda cliche in real life) and can sing, but I just cannot gravitate towards him like most of the judges do. It just feels like he's coasting on his rocker vibe, and he isn't showing me that he can be a believable character on the show.

Video Shoot
For this week's video, the remaining six were paired off and were going to preform Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" in three separate vignettes. First up was Samuel and Alex, who got some coaching from Mark and Ashley, and they sang to each other in a garage-band like scenario. The combination of Alex's over doing it, and my annoyance with Samuel made for an uninteresting segment.

Lindsay and Damian had to serenade each other in a bedroom scene where she played a Cheerio and he was a football player. Ever since the "Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby" video, I've seen the chemistry between these two, and their third of the video was by far the sexiest and was further proof that Lindsay is by far the most talented of the group. Unfortunately, it also proved that Damian still has a lot of work to do.

The final pairing, Cameron and Hannah, continued the tale of the tortured Christian as Cameron once again struggled with the sexuality of Glee. Their scene was supposed to be a flirty food fight, but it played like an awkward moment between a brother and sister (I think it's the hair that threw me). While their third was the least sexy, I still liked it more than Samuel and Alex's.

Last Chance Performance
After a pretty grueling week, the final six were going to be trimmed to the Bottom Three, and once again Alex, Damian, and Cameron had to sing for Ryan Murphy. Alex found himself in the Bottom Three because he played his role too flamboyantly, Cameron was obviously there because he struggles with the more risque moments, and Damian was punished because he's not Lindsay and required more direction than others.

First up was Damian, who went back to his Irish roots with "Oh Danny Boy". While his version was serviceable, he was criticized for not connecting with the song, which left Ryan feeling cold (although he did a good enough job to move Robert and Zach). I have to agree with Ryan though, it sounded good, but the performance lacked some punch. He's still too cute for words, and one of my favorites, so I'll let him slide even if RM didn't.

Alex was up next with Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive". I'll be honest, I fast forwarded through this performance because we've seen it all before. We know that Alex can sing these big, diva driven songs, and it's getting boring. Heck, even Ryan admitted that he's only seen one side of Alex because he's done the exact same thing at least three times before. Granted, he doesn't pick the songs to sing, but he really hasn't done anything new with what he's been given...besides dressing in drag that is.

Finally, Cameron sang the Beatles' "Blackbird", and he did a fine enough job, but that wasn't the focus of his time on stage. Ryan told Cameron that he admired his convictions, but wondered what he'd do if he was asked to kiss Lea Michele and couldn't. After some soul searching, Cameron decided that he's not cut out for the life of a Glee star, and he'd rather see someone committed to all aspects of the show go on. Since Ryan Murphy is a little immature, he immediately wanted Cameron now that he took himself out of the competition and even went backstage to convince him to stay, but Cameron stuck to his guns and decided to go home.

Final Thoughts
While Cameron was my early favorite, I knew his time was limited, and if he stuck around he probably would have been going home next week. I did admire the fact that he bowed out rather than getting cut because he knows himself better than anyone and his heart wasn't in it, and had he won he probably would've struggled with the demands and the lifestyle. People will probably give him crap for "quitting", but I think it takes more guts to admit when it's not the right fit and leave gracefully rather than staying around just for the sake of it.

I truly hope Ryan Murphy has been inspired by Cameron and does eventually write a character in his image that can actually be respectful to the Christian faith instead of mocking it. Sure, I would've liked that character to be played by Cameron, but maybe it's best that he won't be since he would have ended up being a fictionalized version Cameron on screen instead of a true character, which makes me question Ryan's creative process.

It's sad to see Cameron go, but all I know is I'll definitely buy a Cameron Mitchell CD once it drops. Even though my favorite contestant is gone, his departure didn't change all that much (besides allowing Damian to go on), and it's still a race between Lindsay and Samuel with Hannah as the new dark horse. I know that some people cannot stand Lindsay's personality, but she's still the most well-rounded and Glee-ready contestant. I cannot say the same about Samuel, but his dreads are apparently too hard to say no to.


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