September 7, 2011

Quick Thoughts: SONS OF ANARCHY, "Out"

Like I've said before, I'm still somewhat new to Sons of Anarchy so I don't have the hangups with the show that others do. I still cannot say that I'm a fan of SoA, but Seasons 1 and 2 were entertaining enough to bring me back to Season 4.

In a lot of ways "Out" was a reboot of the series. As many TV critics have noted, Season 4 feels like the show is going back to its roots after a rough third outing. Some of the criminal aspects of the episode were a little foggy to me, but the real hook of this show is the internal struggles within SAMCRO, so the fact that Jax was back to his old ways and will be going head-to-head with Clay was compelling enough. Heck, the fact that Season 1 was Hamlet on Harleys was what sucked me in to begin with, but I would like some movement on this story so Jax needs to figure out what he wants fast because any more back-and-forth will get old.

I am excited to see how the new antagonists, Eli Roosevelt and Lincoln Potter, will impact the club because they already feel like real threats unlike the Hale, the ATF, the white supremacists, or the IRA ever did. It's not that those former adversaries weren't good, but for some reason I could never take them very seriously. I don't know why, but these guys seem legit.

"Out" wasn't the episode to fully convert me to a Sons fan, but it was entertaining enough and I want to see where the season goes. If it can echo the beginning of the show, then I'll be happy, and if not at least I'll get to see a lot of violence and hear a lot of swear words.
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