September 6, 2011

Top 5 Returning Shows of Fall 2011

Those who have listened to the inaugural episode of "The Small Screen Podcast" know about some of the shows that I'm excited to see back this fall, but I wanted to elaborate on my list before we get to the New Shows component of the Fall TV Preview:

5. Happy Endings (ABC)
I'll be honest, a few months ago I probably wouldn't have been able to tell you what Happy Endings was about and yet here I am putting it on my Top 5 Returning Shows List. It was no secret that every network was trying to find the next Friends during the 2010-2011 TV because they all put their clones on the airwaves. At first, NBC's Perfect Couples and FOX's Traffic Light had promise but fizzled, so I had zero expectations for ABC's Happy Endings. I didn't even bother watching it live, but then I started reading so many positive reviews, so I checked it out. Now, I'm hooked. Happy Endings is no Friends, but it's a younger/hipper/fresher version of Cougar Town, which isn't a bad thing at all. This show may not have the legs to make it to Season 3, but I sure am glad that we're getting more of it in 2011.

4. Nikita (The CW)
I've always claimed that I'm not in the CW's target demo, yet there are at least three shows that I watch that come from the bastard child of the WB and UPN. One that hooked me from the get-go was the revamped version of Nikita. Like I mentioned in the podcast, Maggie Q has filled the butt-kicking female void that was left behind by Buffy and Sydney Bristow, and the freshman season of the show was a nice surprise. Sure, I could've done with less shipper non-sense (but that's true of almost every show I watch), but the right mix of action, mythology, and spy goodness made up for it. Plus, Season 1 ended on a intriguing enough note that I have to check back in, and I'm sure I will not be disappointed.

3. Castle (ABC)
Whether it's con-men in suits, forensic anthropologists, or crime novelists, I'm a sucker for the lighter police procedurals that involve consultants, and in my opinion ABC's Castle is the best in the genre. I know that people are going to argue that it cannot compare with Bones or The Mentalist, but my rebuttal none of those other shows star Nathan Fillion (although David Boreanaz ain't a slouch). Fillion's charm and chemistry with Stana Katic is tops, but it's the home life of Richard Castle that pushes the show over the edge. Seeing Rick interact with his daughter and mother is what makes this show special, and not even Bones can keep up. I'm hoping that the writers tone down the "will they, won't they" this season, but just having this show back on my TV will be enough for me.

2. Glee (FOX)
Yes, I know that everyone loves to think that Glee sucks. And yes, I know that Season 2 was not as good as Season 1. But the thing is, I don't care. Glee is not a perfect show, and I will not claim that it is. I had the same issues with Season 2 that most others did, but I was still entertained week in and week out, and that's all I ask of it in the end. I'll admit that I'm not too confident that Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, and Brad Falchuk will be able to write themselves out of the corner they've put themselves in, but I'm sure as heck going to enjoy watching them try.

1. Chuck (NBC)
I've been on the Chuck bandwagon since day one, and I honestly cannot believe that it's lasted for five seasons. Chuck holds a very special place in my heart because it's the show that made me fall in love with TV. Sure, I'd been watching some shows here and there, but this was the one that opened my eyes to the greatness of the medium. It's the show that made me want to understand how the ratings system worked and how show running was a real occupation. Chuck pulled back the curtain, but it didn't ruin the wonder of television. I'm so glad that its creators, cast, and crew will be able to go out on their own terms, and I thank NBC for sticking by it for so many years.

So there are my Top Five Returning Shows for Fall 2011. Check back later for My Top Five New Shows of the Season.


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